Funny social media posts and comments – A big collection

Funny social media posts and comments – These days, let’s face it, most of us are the proud (or not so much) owners of accounts on various social media platforms, may it be on one or two,three or four and… even in some cases 10 and more (now, now, don’t laugh it can happen). Indeed, over the years, social media has become the best way for Internet users to stay in touch with their families and friends on a regular basis, make new friends, share/express opinions, discover/comment breaking news, come in help to fellow Internet users, and so on… Evidently these gigantic melting pots have allowed people who probably never would have met otherwise or mingle to “discover” each other, share thoughts, hook up (or at least attempt to) etc…, and as we all know by now, this can lead to fairly interesting results.

Today for a change (and since it has been a while) we have decided to share with you a big collection of funny social media posts and comments that we have gathered month after month over the last year while scavenging the World Wide Web for various funnies; so if ever you have a little time to waste, why not come and check them out!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny social media posts and comments

Can I ask for your advice on something funny post

Something you could say at the dinner table but also in the bedroom funny text message

Accidentally types wrong URL once funny post

I've decided to have an ongoing crisis funny tweet

I've become a bread crumb dealer funny post - Funny social media posts and comments

I wonder where I'll be in 3 years from now funny comment

The neural network gives bad cooking advice funny post

When a tinder babe sends you a naked pic funny text message

What dating is funny tweet - Funny social media posts and comments

BRB in 7 years funny Facebook post

These are my capslock and escape keys funny tweet

How did you play with your Barbie dolls social media humor

 Why aren't Germans patriotic funny bad ass answer

When the sun blacks out on a Monday afternoon funny tweet

I remember all the people I've lost along the way funny post

Funny migrant rights center Ireland comment - Funny social media posts and comments

Be careful when you write a negative review funny post

I have made a spreadsheet of followers who do not like my photos funny post

Do they use your hairline to teach Pythagora's theorem funny comment

Don't date a man with a beard funny comeback

How do I get rid of this spider funny text - Funny social media posts and comments

Guy puts his koala on craigslist humor

Who named the sahara desert anyway funny post

Funny truck control tweet comment

Funny toddler tamers product comment - Funny social media posts and comments

Cooking is my calling funny comment

Australia is not real funny flat earth society post

You may want to add another comma funny Facebook status

Be careful when being a decent person funny text message

Old people shouldn't get to vote funny tweet

Why are you photographing trains funny comment - Funny social media posts and comments

Think twice before answering with bet funny text message

I don't think that's her dad funny comment

Does nobody have manors these days funny comment

A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 min funny status - Funny social media posts and comments

I dropped my sculpture funny tweet

Does anyone else paint their nails before they have a wank funny status

Recipes from around the world funny comments

Go to your room and think about what you've done funny tweet

Did the woman die funny text message - Funny social media posts and comments

How broke are you funny comment

Like if you'd date me funny Facebook post

What's the useless skin around the vagina funny sexist FB comment

When your mum kicks you out the house WTF did I just read FB post

Let's name this spider long legs funny tweet - Funny social media posts and comments

Avocado ruins a lot of great sandwiches funny post

When you don't answer Josh funny messaging

When you text something shameful to the wrong number funny text message

Just tell me how much weed you want funny text message

Why should atheists be given leave on religious holidays funny comment

I love to stick peanut butter between your toes funny profile

There's like 7 plot twists in her bio funny comment

When she tells you she's only 14 funny messaging - Funny social media posts and comments

What's the hardest thing to do funny comment

College is cheap in France funny tweet

When I insist we're out of something funny tweet

I would kill and die for my children funny post

The truth about skeletor funny post - Funny social media posts and comments

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