Monday chuckles Ė Making the most of Moon day!

Monday chuckles – Time for us to salute SeleneĖ daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia , sister of Helios the Sun God & Eos the Goddess of dawn (see The Gods & the RestlessĒ) – and accessorily goddess of the moon.

For those of you who wish to kick-start the week with a bit of knowledge, when it comes to our favorite day of the week did you know that:

- 50% of the active population are late for work on Mondays
- Most people smile for the first time around 11.16am that day (seems legit)
- Peeps in average will complain 12 minutes about it
- You will only be really productive 3 to 4 hours
- If we tell you that most suicides occur on a Monday, do you believe us?

Sending happy Monday vibes your way and wishing you a lunar PMSLweb moment!

Monday 7th favorite day of the week
a**holes beware quote
fought for his country isnít scared
I pulled his hair and kicked him funny meme
yoga Ėhow men see versus how women see funny
donít worry guys I got his foot
I donít drink water dog meme
swordfish how do I eat it funny
why do people say nice to meet you quote
letís hope the bird is alright
funny lion book title
I choose the psycho path
free pot funny
meeting between Einstein and Chaplin
redneck seafood
men should make coffee for their women ecard
nope nope nope meme
my balls hurt funny
what men do after orgasm
pregnancy test funny couple picture
the drinks are on me funny
pig has yoda on his head
position 69 is now 96
for godís sake help me
horny cactus
watching porn funny picture
two words one finger
cupcake charity fail
weird ticket sign
bombing labia facebook fail
redneck hammock
boys will be boys
back to school alcohol fail
letís play soccer funny
the balloon animals I can make
curiosity demotivational
are you happy with your current cell provider
donít worry be happy funny movie production
thinking of you funny picture
woman finds hat in a tree
a t-shirt everyone should own
dude look Iím flowers
Iím surrounded by f*cktards blues
yes of course I have a minute for you