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Monday funnies : a new collection of funny pictures

Monday funnies – Five days to go before the weekend…. seems like the perfect moment to treat yourself to a few internet funnies in order to keep the spirits up.
Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment!

Tough being the only pepsi around
Tough being the only Pepsi around
mag staring at you in the toilet
You really thought that you were alone didn’t you?
difference between walnuts and wallnuts
It’s as simple as that
Awesome toilet wii game
An awesome game to play with your friends for sure!
looking like a southpark character
There’s something there
my paws are freezing
It’s not always about having cold feet
a cross between a dog and a bear maybe
A new breed?
Driving with an umbrella
Time to swallow your pride
why hedgehogs are becoming extinct
A very sad picture
the end of human interaction
Gets one thinking
Christmas in Australia
Holidays Downunder
thanks for the chocolate Jesus
The real purpose
what to expect when making a snowman
You cannot deny
nintendo bed
A geek dream come true
toilet paper advertising
Looks like a dare
Lenine scores at basketball
The right angle may lead to beauties
Pope pokemon card
A very limited edition
with leaves around it looks official
As easy as that
are you ready to rock
That moment when the girls start fainting
I am a mushroom and I don't like this game
No comment needed
surprise down the path
The yellow brick road was chicken feed
weird face fail
I’d avoid using it as a profile pic, just saying
a logical game store solution
Logic: you’re doing it right
Once up on a time a pimple
Pimples explained
pizza prank
One can easily be fooled
social cold shoulder
How paranoia starts
the risks of eating poop
Some people just tend to make you feel better about yourselves
advocate's devil alarm clock method
When the dark side takes over
geek calculator
Getting the kids interested these days
Learning business
The business strategy
thai girlfriend and small penis
Why love needs to stay blind
waking up with smelly fingers
A big wisdom moment
ask Lupida
After all he did ask
a flowers point of view
A flower’s point of view
your mind is in the gutter
Get out the gutter will you!
Mr know-it-all
How the male mind works
titanic humor
The old gen
justin bieber toilet paper
You’ll have to resist the desire to abuse of it
a tatoo story
One happy client
modern chick flick
A short bedtime story anyone?
iPhone romantism
Modern love
call of duty female version
A mothers day gift idea
tell him you love him
Telling a guy you love him in a way he will understand
Disney demotivational
Expectations and delusions
how to impress each gender
As easy as that
woman owns man
In other words to summarize
writing I miss you on a rock
More powerful than words
Gladys's desire
Her hidden desire
the cost of gas: don't smoke
Given the cost of gas these days a little respect please
Moose gang
Rudolph and his crew
Lohan's prince charming
She also was aiming a 100 year of age
Spock's first kiss
I kissed a Vulcan and I’m not sure I liked it


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