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LMAO Pictures – A mid-week Collection

LMAO Pictures – It’s mid-week already/finally, and while on one hand it’s time to put the beginning of the week behind us, on the other it’s time to start seriously thinking about the weekend; so why not set the tone as from now by kick-starting the heavy thinking with a few giggles?
Wishing you a brilliant PMSLweb moment and a marvelous hump day or Thursday!

rubbix cube bra opener
Let’s see how bad you want it
doubling the word
Gets on your nerves doesn’t it?
killed to death news
Because once killed you just never know
RIP teenage mutant ninja turtle
Avoid breathing too hard during the ceremony
understanding gender pain
Research: This is where your money goes
vuvuzela musical sheet
Finally, the musical sheet of the worldwide tune
what the perfect girlfriend does
But since usually these gamers do not have girlfriends to start with
how would you like to be turned on
Be sure to get your message through – One way to proceed
Catchers nom nom nom
Sports helps build up hunger nom, nom, nom
amazing facts
Fun wasn’t it?
pronouncing English funny
And for some, even a lifetime isn’t enough to get them right
loss of a loved one countdown is over
Because in those moments, we’d so want to get them smiling
convincing advert
a blank book dedicated to men's thoughts
And only they can read through to the very end
Who will you give your back to?
Who will you give your back to?
Flight Turkish Airlines
One with white sauce for me!
give this test a try
Depending of the gender you may not laugh the same way at this one!
Can you blink by iPhone
You’ll know better next time
Lord of the Rings birthday cake
Then again the second does tend to look more tasty…
ear padlock prank
If you run fast you should defo give this prank a shot
gender fly art
No reason why flies should have it easy
bacon mask creation
Don’t forget to invite him over on Sunday mornings
Bad boy fact
Whatcha gonna do when he comes for you?
finger in the bottom
So wassup?
abdominal hair 6 pack
Abs: You’re doing it right
a cat plus a razor equals
your friends hand makes you look like a tranny
Sometimes I just plays on a second
anti masturbation gum
Need a helping hand?
Jesus praying humor
We’ve always looked too much into it
man gets erection while dancing
They say that dance is a passion
rubbix cube made easy for blondes
Finally, after all these years someone has spotted out a real market!
lego comes and goes
As simple as that
low pants wearing explained
So there was an explanation after all… oki, and so the purpose is?
Prince charming explained
Prince Charming was very contemporary after all…
ET is back
Meanwhile on Hollywood Boulevard
baby don' hurt me
Haddaway is legend
escaping the kitchen demotivational
Beliefs die hard…
Titanic - Jack's drawing
Because the movie must of been sponsored by Adobe
Bible logic
Doesn’t it actually get you thinking?
some men want to see the world burn
What on earth is he trying to prove!
mosquito porn
Bite me!
pacman paranormal activity
You were proud to have survived the original sequel weren’t you?
rocker and Jazz-man compared
Sad…. but true…
Language through history
I can relate
GTA map demotivational
Love going to Stenton Island in the middle of the night
fish won't get cancer
It’s a fact
humanity fail
Humanity fail
Epic toilet picture fail
Who on earth feels inspired at that split moment
It's not a penis it's a finger tattoo
We all related to this the same way let’s face it
Tyler do you remember us
Evidently nobody will forget Tyler now… smart move
Pepsi fail
Don’t play against the real thing
Eddy Murphy rock n roll funny
Reality stinks


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