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Monday lolz – The perfect way to start the week

Monday lolz – Time for us to buckle up and dive into a brand new week. No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself for the event, when it comes to bungee jumping into Monday, you will end up experiencing mixed feelings. In order to break your descent a tad, you may want to fill up on a few smiles, so please be our guests…

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Bitch slap Monday sarcastic ecard – Monday lolz

They don’t understand our love meme

Have a shot they said meme

Funny Google Chrome cartoon

What does a bee sound like humor

I’m not a whore facebook humor – Monday lolz

Bird exe meme

Common sense product humor

The typical MTV show funny graph

Bullet train translation fail

It’s Monday funny ecard – Monday lolz

My blood type is B negative

Being black in the dark humor

I came here to dance and fuck bitches meme

Funny spray prank

Rude rules of possession

Haiku about stepping on a lego – Monday lolz

Software update requires that I restart my computer

Nobody appreciates how hard I try meme

I am forced to use internet explorer at work

You wouldn’t know true pain funny lego quote

No dogs funny sign

I don’t get it funny quote – Monday lolz

Funny Apple product comment

Funny pillow fight

Funny shinbone definition

Funny crude Yoda

Charles Bukowski quote

Funny language interpreter news update  - Monday lolz

Carrying shopping like a boss

I hate when I meow at cats and they don’t meow back

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