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Explicit language humor – Unleash your inner demons

Explicit language humor – DISCLAIMER: Before you decide to go any further, we must warn you that today’s content features a fair amount of swear words (mind you the post’s title is pretty upfront and shouldn’t really lead to confusion). Long story short, if ever you do tend to get offended by this specific genre, you may want to pass up on this collection of funnies (better safe than sorry).

For those who decide to stay with us, the time has come to unleash those inner demons of yours…

Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Explicit language humor

Rude pacman

Eat a dick animation

Maybe you can shut your dickholster

There’s someone for everyone sarcastic quote

Make little things count funny quote

I'm sorry we can't cure stupid

Sarcastic middle finger stamp – Explicit language humor

Go f*ck yourself funny sign

Sticks and stones sarcastic quote

The f*ck you just say cat gif

It sounds like bullshit funny quote

F*ck you to the moon and back – Explicit language humor

Sarcastic ball

I’ll stop being a sarcastic bastard quote

Rude Ouija board

Funny definition of f*ck

I don’t speak stupid bitch

Meet me at the corner sarcastic picture – Explicit language humor

Rated M like a girl on her period

Are you always this stupid funny quote

Sarcastic breaking news

In other news f*ck you

Captain obvious humor

Nothing brightens up a room like your absence sarcasm

Thanks for sharing asshole – Explicit language humor

I mean damn bitch humor

Way more productive sarcastic quote

F*ck you kitty

Offended you are Yoda meme

Fucking genius gif

Life is too short to argue with stupid people

You have the right to your opinion sarcastic ecard

Sarcastic Cyprus alarm clock – Explicit language humor

Eureka go fuck yourself

F*ck you that’s all

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