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Pmsl Thursday – A wild and humoristic pictorama

Pmsl Thursday – While the “Weekend – 48h” countdown was officially launched a few hours ago, for some lucky bunnies it’s already down to 24h. In the time being though, and before slipping into IDGF mode, here’s a pictorama of funny images in order to help keep those spirits up.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

The boyfriend brownie gif at

iPhone bed meme – Pmsl Thursday at

Funny Eskimo cartoon at

Spock and Kirk’s relationship in a nutshell at

Man versus mobile funny at

Grandma on iPhone funny – Pmsl Thursday at

Signification of Facebook likes at

Darth vader crotch piece funny cartoon at

Most venomous snakes calm down Australia at

If you lose one sense funny quote at

Traffic lights as seen by others at

Moby dick jacket fail – Pmsl Thursday at

I bet if I was a damn polar bear at

Shut the fucupcakes meme at

Full bag of chips meme at

Who wants to get high meme at

Back in my day demotivational – Pmsl Thursday at

Spiderman ballon fail at

Not everything on the internet is true at

Vortex instant therapy kit at

My first contracted murder humor at

iPhone 5C meme – Pmsl Thursday at

Eye chart cartoon humor at

Funny grandma Facebook comment at

Grandma on Facebook funny at

Tumblr photoshop humor at

Birth control humor – Pmsl Thursday at

Cat Halloween cartoon humor at

F*ckyou Facebook sign at

Didn’t steal anything meme at

What is marriage funny at

Toilet paper humor – Pmsl Thursday at

New facebook signs funny at

The browser of a scientist humor at

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