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Sarcastic and Crude humor – Your inner demons take control

Sarcastic and Crude humor – Disclaimer: Once upon a time we have a moral duty to warn you that the following collection of Adult funnies contains bad language and can be sex-oriented at moments; nothing too sick and/or twisted mind you, but enough to advise our younger viewers or people in general who tend to be offended by this specific humor to stay clear. Ditto regarding those who could be tempted to open up this special edition in their work environment; we definitely would not like to get you into any trouble now would we, so think twice…

Wishing you a crazy & wicked PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic and Crude humor

Giving neighbors nicknames funny quote

Managers are double faced humor

Remember no one is perfect funny quote

Doing shit I’m not qualified for sarcastic quote

Creation of the vagina funny meme

How to tell someone you don’t like them sarcastic humor

Your legs are like an oreo cookie – Sarcastic and crude humor

Maybe she’s born with it sarcastic quote

I used to be like you sarcastic meme

Funny when you see someone running for the elevator

When she wants you to go down funny meme

I could be here funny meme

This can be all yours bear humor – Sarcastic and crude humor

When someone is excited too early in the morning gif

Funny when you pretend you might actually buy it

People say I act like I don’t give a f*ck meme

My phone and I have bonded funny quote

Funny cream of my nut sack soup

Funny boner life hack – Sarcastic and crude humor

Let me sugar coat that sarcastic quote

Coffee first sarcastic humor

Found your boyfriend in my inbox again crude humor

Funny man bun meme

Funny mother in law joke

Funny raging dick pic – Sarcastic and crude humor

Get a surprise WTF Asia humor

If you ever feel like a waste of sperm humor

Hoes be like I don’t suck dick humor

Chicks be like funny meme

Funny Alice in wonderland hooker

I’m going in dry funny meme – Sarcastic and crude humor

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