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Sarcastic humor – A witty collection of funnies

Sarcastic humor – These days, may it be in the workplace or elsewhere, sarcasm seems to have became an unavoidable and crucial way of making it through the day or specific situations without undergoing too much collateral damage. Since sarcastic picture collections are amongst our pet peeves, today, we’ve decided to treat you to a new selection of wicked funnies.

Wishing you a sardonic PMSLweb moment!

Idiot-free zone – Sarcastic humor at

You’re a person of rare intelligence ecard at

How stupid everyone is getting ecard at

I’d put my foot in your a** ecard at

Thanks for your complaint sarcastic ecard at

Funny how a dog looks versus how a cat looks at

Thanks for telling me I look tired – Sarcastic humor at

Quitchabitching ecard at

Sarcastic maths at

It’s dangerous to go alone meme at

I’m not saying you’re a sl*t ecard at

Sarcastic cat – Sarcastic humor at

Humble squirrel funny cartoon at

I got through to a stupid person today at

I wish this was your left nut ecard at

Proficient in dumbass at

You liked her picture – Sarcastic humor at

We discover new ways to irritate each other at

My humor is for my enjoyment ecard at

You told me that you were going to bed ecard at

Tell me more sarcastic ecard at

Tolerate is overrated – Sarcastic humor at

If I throw a stick sarcastic humor at

Wake me up from my nap again at

Sarcastic reincarnation ecard at

Faith in humanity on Facebook meme at

Sarcastic juice – Sarcastic humor at

I wonder how my ex is doing funny at

Cashier and grumpy cat meme at

Run in the morning funny quote at

F*ck off snake gif at

I’m not saying she’s fat – Sarcastic humor at

Sorry I had to cancel sarcastic ecard at

I’m not saying she’s a sl*t sarcasm at

Long story short sarcasm at

As frustrated as a crackhead without a lighter at

Sarcastic walrus – Sarcastic humor at

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