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Sarcastic funnies – A collection of sardonic goodies

Sarcastic funnies – We all know that after putting behind us a long and excruciating week, the weekend often tends to be an open door to all sorts of caustic moods and scornful chuckles. Bearing this in mind, we’ve decided to treat you to a collection pics which should feed that uprising abrasive state of mind of yours.

Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic Facebook movie at

Zero f*cks given – Sarcastic funnies at

Being nice to stupid people at

How to induce a person to jump off a cliff at

More dick in his personality quote at

Too many a**holes quote at

If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me – Sarcastic funnies at

How to kill a B*tch at

You breathe oxygen funny quote at

They grow up so fast humor at

When a girl says have fun quote at

This is Facebook not Twitter ecard at

Stupid people don’t know what Carpe Diem means at

I’m not saying you’re a whore – Sarcastic funnies at

Merry crisis at

Nobody cares at

My silence doesn’t mean I agree at

I’m a woman I don’t know what I want quote at

Back before Walmart – Sarcastic funnies at

Have you ever looked at someone’s mother at

Dear 11 year olds on Facebook quote at

Who left the bag of idiots open at

Do not feed the whores at

She dreamed that people hated her – Sarcastic funnies at

D*ckhead t-shirt at

Sarcastic Disney humor at

Some people are life sucking at

Changing the toilet paper roll at

I love your outfit sarcastic quote at

How the gentlemen died out  - Sarcastic funnies at

F*ck key at

Dr Seuss humor at

How your Facebook likes help sarcasm at

When I say I understand  - Sarcastic funnies at

Funny Irony at

You need an attitude adjustment at

The jerk store called at

STFU Sesame street  at

I don’t hate you funny quote at

Delete your b*tch from your life – Sarcastic funnies at

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