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Sarcastic Thursday – Once upon a little sarcasm

Sarcastic Thursday – While we’re not sure why, it seems like Thursday often turns out to be the perfect stomping ground for sarcastic outbursts in our virtual playground. Go figure, maybe is it because the weekend is clearly palpable once hump day has been put behind us, and that our inner demons are in their starting-blocks, urging to break free… In all cases, you should be aware that what follows could get a few teeth grinding. Evil by nature? Maybe….

Wishing you an iniquitous PMSLweb moment!

Good point but f*ck you anyway – Sarcastic Thursday at

My tolerance for imbeciles ecard at

Yoda suck it you must at

Be strong honey I love you joke at

No I haven’t had my coffee yet – Sarcastic Thursday at

I wish your gynecologist was Freddy Krueger at

For those who don’t like my pictures suck on this at

So I got gas yesterday at

Crude boarding pass – Sarcastic Thursday at

Crude anti-stress balls at

Better to practice silence funny quote at

Funny bowling advert at

Truck name fail at

Facebook stab feature – Sarcastic Thursday at

Your mouth and this animal’s anus speak the same language at

When I think about you I touch myself quote at

Politics meme at

Viagra comes in a nasal spray at

Oxy-moron funny definition – Sarcastic Thursday at

Braille for suck here at

Nesquik cereal funny at

Swapped my girlfriend’s tampons with party poppers at

I’m surrounded by f*cktards blues – Sarcastic Thursday at

All positions for stupid people in my life have been filled at

She found the source of her irritation at

Do you ever get drunk funny at

Butt cheek pick-up line – Sarcastic Thursday at

Hard to think with all this dumba** in the air at

I thought I was a good person ecard at

I wish my life had background music at

The penis study at

Mind if I take off early boss ecard at

I’m worried that I may of met the man of my dreams at

Opinions are like farts – Sarcastic Thursday at

I think that fart had company at

I think I have Alzheimer’s ecard at

Sarcastic breaking news at

Trying to calculate how stupid you are ecard at

Some people lack the ability to laugh at themselves at

Hold in a sneeze and a fart at the same time at

We love your sister more fake cover – Sarcastic Thursday at

Usually what angry people need at

Ben and Jerry’s manager fail at

I pray for you funny ecard at

The kingdom of a**holia at

I think you’re pretty f*cking stupid – Sarcastic Thursday at

You know nothing about a woman at

Punch someone in the face quote at

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