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Saturday funnies – Our weekend collection of funny images

Saturday funnies – The weekend is here, and the time has come to seriously consider replenishing your giggle-o-meter. Search no more, our Saturday collection of funny pics awaits you as of now, and chances are that you won’t regret dedicating a few minutes of your time to the latter, so let’s get the party started.

Wishing you a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Perfect cat box humor – Saturday funnies at

When censorship becomes pop culture humor at

Funny you need to think like a cabbage at

It has begun humor at

I’m sorry for what I said before coffee at

Funny pacman relationship status – Saturday funnies at

Funny iStock photo edit at

Floppy disks are like Jesus humor at

My mom borrowed my laptop funny

Funny American celcius comments at

Ahmed and his clock humor – Saturday funnies at

Eating spiders in your sleep funny cartoon at

The perfect beer dispenser at

Funny what highlighter does this horse use at

Parents would give you the world humor

Funny water for dogs sign – Saturday funnies at

When you get your first tattoo humor at

Funny 50 nerds of grey tweet at

Funny Harry Potter then and now at

Why America attacks Syria humor at

Funny reading bottle label in the toilet at

Funny Schrodinger box cartoon – Saturday funnies at

I almost forgot cat gif at

Movies then and now WTF happened

Trying to take drunk people home humor at

Funny conservative Muslim problem at

Music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it at

Emotional pain versus physical – Saturday funnies at

Funny how to avoid a cop mugshot t-shirt at

Funny silent treatment ecard at

Just kinda do it Nike parody at

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