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Saturday giggles – A handful of weekend smiles

Saturday giggles – As the weekend is running its course, either in party or procrastination mode, a little surfing will very often end up being included to your schedule. During those moments you’ll often just want to chill a tad, and a collection of funnies can turn out to be a perfect checkpoint in order to do so, so please feel free!

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Board jump fail gif – Saturday giggles at

Forrest Gump’s facebook password meme at

What the author meant funny at

Let Dexter handle Justin Bieber at

Marijuana frog meme at

Is this the real Hitler meme – Saturday giggles at

Your mother is so fat meme at

After sex expectations versus reality at

Porn logic at

Fap energy humor at

Guys should learn from Mario Bros – Saturday giggles at

Anti duck face humor at

Meme’s mother on Facebook at

Guys who drink beer turn into girls at

Boobs are like the sun meme at PMSLweb.coM

Random search meme at

Baby boy doll who pees gif – Saturday giggles at

Are you alone funny at

Eau de parfum pepper pour home at

Vuvuzela hits at

The story of she funny at

Large fist paper weight craigslist humor at

Don’t trust appearances humor – Saturday giggles at

Forever alone Antarctica version at

Politics humoristic cartoon at

Star trek trolling at

Getting undressed in less than 4s at

Results clearly state that you’re as annoying as f*ck at

The first two guys who thought superman was a bird or a plane at

How to prank your friends – Saturday giggles at

Men in black erasing your memory at

Position victim carefully on back humor at

Remember those why guys athlete meme at

At the store buying condoms rage comic at

Funny minute length – Saturday giggles at

What I do when I can’t hear someone at

Paid to get his friend’s wife pregnant at

Scared dog takes a dump on the carpet gif at

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