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Saturday goodies – Sponsoring your weekend chuckles

Saturday goodies – We hope that whatever activities you may have gotten involved in last night did not leave you completely out of service today. If you feel like your liver has been slightly injured for instance, or that your functioning brain cell count is running low, why not dedicate some time into procrastinate a little in front of our daily selection of funny pics in order to accelerate the regeneration process?

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment

Kitty gotta go gif – Saturday goodies at

Chuck Norris joke at

Edward penis hands at

Funny Durex advert at

Staring contest humor at

Prague Czech it out – Saturday goodies at

When drunken girls pose for a picture meme at

My childhood is ruined gif at

Funny Dick owner at

Before judging someone quiz at

Am I the real mom of my kid fail at

Do you know funny facts – Saturday goodies at

You should have been swallowed humor at

Masturbation level difficult meme at

Funny Disney logic at

Beer drinking fail at

Blowing herself up meme at

Police fail gif at

Ghetto mum humor – Saturday goodies at

Toilet gaming station at

Bitches be like meme at

I like the noise you make sarcastic quote at

I wouldn’t have to manage my anger funny quote at

Toast versus cat funny at

Funny mind blow at

Getting shitfaced please wait – Saturday goodies at

My son asked for a PS3 meme at

Funny Tintin parody at

Jesus loves you humor at

Alcotest fail gif at

I’m trying to imagine you with a personality quote at

I can’t stop drinking about you – Saturday goodies at

Giordano Bruno sarcastic quote at

Brace yourselves ladies gif at

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