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Saturday LMAO collection – Funny Internet pics and memes

Saturday LMAO collection – We hope that those of you who are lucky enough to have the weekend off have been making the most of the latter so far and that those of you who on the other hand will be spending the next two days working will manage to do so without too much hassle. In both cases, if ever you currently have a little spare time on your hands, why not check-out our latest edition of weekend funnies; indeed, once more, rollicking pics and witty memes are the name of the game today.

Wishing you a glorious weekend and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny dog with human mouth gif - Saturday LMAO collection

Funny victim card meme

You've  reached my voicemail funny meme

Law of chile peeling humor

Blonde is hired to paint the porch funny joke

Ladies let's practice saying I am wrong social media humor

When your thighs do the thing funny meme - Saturday LMAO collection

Out of the gene pool now funny sarcastic meme

All I did was like your comment funny sarcastic meme

Life should be more like hockey funny sarcastic quote

 I fell in love with our friendship funny friendzone text message

We all know why nobody is trying to pass her funny meme - Saturday LMAO collection

I'll connect you to someone who gives a shit funny sarcastic meme

How would you tell your date that you need to go to the bathroom funny joke

Seeing a teacher outside of school funny meme

This bitch is covered in Kraft singles funny meme - Saturday LMAO collection

When you're in a toxic relationship funny meme

Ever left the bathroom with your butt feeling like this funny meme

The secret behind Jesus' halo humor - Saturday LMAO collection

Does the food network use recycled porn music funny comment

Visit Wisconsin humor

I am no bird expert but the one on the right is the female funny meme

Roses are red funny text message

Dick stays up funny headline - Saturday LMAO collection

When I post something offensive funny sarcastic meme

Ask her is she has gained a little weight recently funny quote

She told me if I turned off the light I could put it in her butt funny adult meme

Best magic trick explained funny comment

People who work at McDonalds act like the sauces come out of their wages funny quote

Hilarious KKK dyslexia awareness campaign - Saturday LMAO collection

Funny dog with human mouth 2 gif

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