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Very funny pics and memes – Our Thursday funnies are here

Very funny pics and memes – While by this time tomorrow an amazing increase in your general mood should be notable, if you are lucky enough, the phenomenon may actually start as of today. Indeed with the weekend clearly starting to be visible on the horizon, your cheek and fun levels will be on the rise and the focus allocated to daily tasks may start to tergiversate. Want to know if you suffer of early-onset Pre-Weekend syndrome? Just check out today’s collection of hilarious Thursday funnies. If you laugh more than you should we have news for you….

Wishing you an uproarious PMSLweb moment!

Funny buttcrack waldo tattoo - Very funny pics and memes

Angry wife makes husband breakfast funny meme

Oxygen was invented in the 1700s funny religious status fail

Our entire universe is probably an alien child's school project sarcastic humor

Funny pizza delivery man job description - Very funny pics and memes

What do you think about giving us another chance funny text message

Jeff created a group called FUCK sarcastic humor

Man wants to open a fucking checking account joke

Clouds are assholes funny comic - Very funny pics and memes

Awesome talents different insects have funny comic

I can tell you like Pokemon funny Omegle burn

Better be safe than sober funny meme

If you gave scientists a footballer's salary funny comment

I asked my parents for a ring and they bought me a car funny comment

Not how I imagined the second coming Jesus humor - Very funny pics and memes

We know your dick is in the fruit funny medieval painting meme

My dad is immune to the black and white filter funny meme

Boyfriend faints after woman takes her pants off funny news

Father great white shark and his son joke

When you express an opinion on Internet funny gif

Husband is sad on his 20th anniversary joke - Very funny pics and memes

The advantage of having polydactyly sarcastic meme

Funny gentlemen's club sign comment

Such a beautiful sunset funny meme

No one called you ugly in middle school attention whore funny tweet

When your girl from detroit shaves down there funny adult meme

This looks like a squirrel cumming funny comment - Very funny pics and memes

I love school photographs funny inappropriate meme

If you listen closely to a seashell you can hear the ocean funny comic

Funny new bluetooth cordless hose prank

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