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Silly Internet memes and pics – Vacation mode Over

Silly Internet memes and pics – Well, the time has come for us (and probably for a few of you too) to put any vacations behind us and snap back into our beloved routines. We apologize for the lack of constancy in our posts during the past few weeks but promise that we shall make up for the latter and get back to finding/creating kickass content and, long story short, will do our best when it comes to enhancing your everyday surfing experience by submitting to your appreciation some of finest premium bullshit that can be found on a daily basis on our good old World Wide Web. Anyway enough lip flapping, our latest selection of funny Internet images and memes has just aired so why not just check it out!

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Straight outta condoms funny meme - Silly Internet memes and pics

Funny axe bodywash bottle

You can play this toilet on hard mode funny meme

When youtube gives you an unskippable ad funny meme

Funny sarcastic bird sanctuary cartoon

Feeling offended funny sarcastic butthurt meme

Your wife only has 5 hours to live funny cartoon - Silly Internet memes and pics

Cat in the toilet needs privacy sarcastic gif

Depressing extinct bird fact meme

Video for practicing eye contact funny comment

Your mom's buttplug came in funny meme - Silly Internet memes and pics

I got vaccinated as a kid funny sarcastic status

To people who say women get raped due to the way they dress funny status

Flamingos are monogamous sarcastic humor

Girl kissing a tree funny meme

Women be like funny Disney Moana meme - Silly Internet memes and pics

Have optical illusions gone too far funny meme

The floating duck in Canada funny sarcastic meme

How to spice up any Facebook comment funny status

Funny photoshopped kamehameha marriage proposal

Cracking open a cold one with the boys final boss meme

Jesus is probably black funny inappropriate meme

If you spot this guy call the police funny comment - Silly Internet memes and pics

When a girl changes her status to single funny meme

Sometimes you need to rest your head on a ballsack funny adult meme

My visit to the church went as expected funny meme

The last survivor of a generation funny meme - Silly Internet memes and pics

Babysitter gets gifted a car funny comment

When your girl is about to give you a BJ funny adult meme

Alien versus Italien funny photoshop

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