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Silly Friday – Boosting up your funny bone

Silly Friday – While some lucky bastards are already enjoying the premises of a new weekend, many others still have a few hours to pull through (although the general mood should be a far more chillax one). In order to help you waste a little time, please allow us to submit to your appreciation our latest edition of TGIF funnies.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead, and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Friday versus Monday humor at

Funny Buddhist birthday cartoon – Silly Friday at

Dog’s digging up the yard funny at

Not every person is going to understand you sarcasm at

This sticker will last longer than your band at

Funny universal drinking game at

Funny cat story at

Funny FU CD – Silly Friday at

Differences between bees, wasps and hornets humor

Suarez bottle opener at

Interrogation techniques at

Funny football cameraman true job meme at

Funny cat privacy meme at

Asian Morgan Freeman at

Internet wrestler prank – Silly Friday at

Funny evil Facebook prank at

When this guy fills up the gas tank humor at

Funny pool fail at

Funny don’t trust people who do this to their fries at

The future is stupid at

Choose a name for your character humor – Silly Friday at

Funny definition nostalgic at

How men talk about sex versus women humor at

Funny oral sex simulator at

Funny Russian anaconda movie fail at

Funny he’s going to tell us about Jesus again at

Funny biking meme – Silly Friday at

Funny procrastination flowchart at

Pug factory funny cartoon at

I love you internet tree carving at

How to pick up girls funny intro at

The internet never forgets at

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