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Slightly offensive memes – or are they really?

Slightly offensive memes – Anyone who has a grasp on what’s happening around them will probably agree that world is gradually becoming quite a mess. Evidently, while we overall remain convinced that progress is something very positive, some aspects may – let’s face it – end up grinding your gears. More than often it won’t so much be the ideas, the messages delivered, nor the opening of minds which will rattle your cage but the methods used by those attempting to convey the latter. In other cases though, with common sense almost deserving to be listed as an endangered species at this point, it will be the ideas/point of views themselves that will end up putting your patience to the test and or your faith in humanity.

Where exactly are we going with this, you may be wondering… Basically, in this day and age learning to laugh about (almost) everything can more than often help you make it through the day (same goes for self-mockery, actually); so today we have decided to share a collection of “slightly” offensive memes. “Slightly” because while personally they made us chuckle, we do acknowledge that members of the great “Offended movement” roam freely among us and may be triggered by the following edition of funny memes & pictures….
In all cases, bear in mind that most of these pics/jokes are not to be taken seriously, and that it’s all for fun!

Wishing you a “whatever” Monday and a mocking PMSLweb moment!

When I realize it's Monday funny gif - Slightly offensive memes

When you escort your girl through the crowd at the club funny meme

Prepare yourself for the doesn't he look handsome school photos funny meme

Blob fish looks like an angry feminist funny meme - Slightly offensive memes

Funny confederate flag comment

Jesus is an Avengers funny meme

Funny RyanAir pilot joke

I remember when you could get a dozen knickers on the line funny cartoon

Superheroes male vs female versions funny meme - Slightly offensive memes

Funny welcome to kindergarten sign fail

Funny I think she's hot T-shirt fail

When you gotta work at 8 but are going out at 9 funny comment

Why should I be forced to pay for insurance funny tweet fail

How to make a grandma talk funny meme - Slightly offensive memes

Theresa May looks like she's doing promo shots for a new detective drama funny meme

Funny Trump and Kim Jong Un boardgame

Man's response to picture of girl with cat on her boobs adult humor

Using an IPhone X when you wear a burka funny inappropriate meme

Jong Snow is the Kim in the north funny meme - Slightly offensive memes

When you're on the couch and your dad starts vacuuming adult humor

When I was your age I owned my own house funny sarcastic tweet

Quadruple amputee gets new arms funny adult meme

Funny vegan and feminist trolley problem meme

There will always be fun in funeral funny sarcastic comment

Husband threatens wife to dig his way up funny joke - Slightly offensive memes

These clowns are scary funny Trump meme

Funny Youtube video suggestions fail

Caribbean receives your thoughts and prayers sarcastic meme

You are a wanker funny adult meme - Slightly offensive memes

Funny sarcastic butthurt detected sign

Funny sarcastic silent alarm clock

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