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Sunday craze – A dominical flock of funny pics

Sunday craze – As yet another weekend hits its end, we tend to notice a severe decrease of the general state of euphoria that we had been in for the past 48 hours. While logic dictates this phenomenon, it is not an ending in itself, and alternative directions should be considered. One solution which implies shocking the funny bone back into rhythm has been proven to generate very encouraging results; so why not give it a shot?

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

The a**hole gene quote – Sunday craze at

Toy gentleman fail at

Funny furry penis comment at

Slave roller coaster at

Chinese leftovers humor at

They blow up so fast demotivational at

Selfies ecard – Sunday craze at

Little f*cker cat humor at

The fap hand demotivational at

Funny do you know what hentai is at

Religion and donuts quote at

Store is in trouble Batman cartoon at

Funny patting kitty – Sunday craze at

Ikea cat at

Forever alone my family sticker at

This is not crisis hotline ecard at

Misunderstood shark fin soup meme at

Funny Tom Cruise prophecy – Sunday craze at

Funny Sea World picture at

Sexy salad tossing spray at

Anti Atheist fail at

If I close my eyes sarcastic ecard at

Oral sex light meme – Sunday craze at

Sleeping positions reveal your personality humor at

Cat kiss at Time Square  at

No messing with the lioness humor at

Funny austerity survival guide at

Planet has humans humor at

Funny Facebook cat cover – Sunday craze at

Mario Bros what has been seen  at

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