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Friday hilarity – Let us high five the weekend

Friday hilarity – Warning : This is not a simulation test! After mentally practicing & preparing yourselves over the past few days, the weekend is finally here, and the time has come to make the most of it. A powerful synonym of weekend being joyfulness, please allow us to help you kick-start the later with our TGIF selection of funnies.

Wishing you a chuckle-packed weekend, and a fun PMSLweb moment.

Painful jump fail – Friday hilarity at

Funny Mc Donald tweet at

Funny problem solving flowsheet at

Thesaurus humor at

Funny Ikea cartoon at

Funny manhole book for kids – Friday hilarity at

Funny Dick Black album cover at

Hamster wheel fail at

Gillette humor at

Independence day humor at

Walmart Galactic empire – Friday hilarity at

Funny romantic Nokia at

Magic boobs demotivational at

Funny fishing information at

Funny Monet painting revisited at

Shrek mint overload humor at

Feminine hygiene fail – Friday hilarity at

Funny Joseph Kony fail at

Mythbusters were right meme at

Poonami fail at

Pregnancy demotivational at

Funny vintage projector advert at

Ginger nuts humor a- Friday hilarity at

Misunderstood shark meme at

Elevator prank at

Don’t cross the streams toilet humor at

Nazis suck demotivational at

Shark week sponsored by tampax at

Batman joke fail – Friday hilarity at

Your mum wall joke at

Funny name generator at

Funny neighbor design story at

What your toilet paper says about you at

Maths, not even once – Friday hilarity at

Funny cat kick fail at

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