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Sunday guffaws – A collection of lighthearted funnies

Sunday guffaws – If you’re in the mood for a few lighthearted guffaws, search no more! Our Sunday edition of humorous findings has just gone viral, so if you were looking for a “lazy” way to kill a few minutes while enhancing that state of mind of yours… please be our guest.

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a chortle-packed PMSLweb moment!

When I hear you talking shit on social media funny gif – Sunday guffaws

When she doesn’t get the abortion done humor

If she picks the cat during Monopoly meme

If she picks the iron during monopoly meme

I tried the Japanese method of decluttering funny quote

Different strokes meme – Sunday guffaws

What to do with Trump funny gif

Grammar nazi hunters funny cartoon

Some people only love you as long as you fit in their box sarcastic quote

When bae gets a text humor

When you gotta delete your post funny meme

Did Helen Keller pierce your nipples humor

Office powerball funny meme – Sunday guffaws

Funny when you wake up one minute before the alarm clock

Post your hottest Asians humor

I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open funny quote

Funny receiving a compliment from someone I don’t like gif

Cat looks like it’s holding a little machine gun humor – Sunday guffaws

Funny pope’s microphone does not work

Never let your computer know you are in a hurry meme

I think I’m pregnant funny text message

If he can everyone can funny video comment

We know what this man watches on the internet humor

Most populated places in the world humor – Sunday guffaws

Why there are so many female archaeologists meme

When your daughter’s possessed funny meme

Drama queens everywhere funny meme

Scientists have discovered what women want humor

Why women can’t work as a mechanic funny cartoon

Me on my way to make bad decisions dank meme – Sunday guffaws

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