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Sunday LOL – A Sunday collection of guffaws

Sunday LOL – As the weekend comes to an end, chances are that a fair amount of you will adopt (at least partially) procrastinating as an efficient way to reach soul numbness today. Since it’s safe enough to proclaim Internet the world leader as far as wasting time is concerned, no doubt that everyone should easily find sources to match his needs. Nevertheless, for those of you who are in the mood for a few guffaws, please feel free to check out our daily collection of funny images as we’d be delighted to have you waste a little time on our virtual grounds.

Wishing you a pleasant Sunday and a lighthearted PMSLweb moment!

Following directions on a box humor – Sunday LOL

What’s for dinner tonight vegetarian joke

Funny kid’s drawing fail

Feminism has got your back humor

My son has no friends anime humor

How deep is that pothole meme – Sunday LOL

Funny name prank

Funny whatever you do to my daughter I’ll do to you

You are never worthless funny inspirational quote

Atheists are dangerous funny cartoon

Pornhub funny prank

Ok cupid profile fail – Sunday LOL

Funny expert killer whale

How to break up a black lives matter protest joke

Degrees of steak doneness joke

Cruz looks happy and sad funny tweet

Blame a foreigner funny sarcastic poster

I drink because you fake throw dog humor – Sunday LOL

When you have compromising screenshots humor

When someone asks how you’re doing humor

Funny fake dinosaur little golden book

Funny sarcastic Jewish snapchat

Funny anti-social behavior tweet

Funny I became a croissant look alike – Sunday LOL

When you haven’t stolen anything in a week joke

Funny organic integrity bread slicer sign

Funny moisturizer instructions

Funny steering wheel comment

The truth behind 9-11 funny gif – Sunday LOL

When you’re about to say something but decide not to humor

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