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Sunday PMSL collection – Procrastinating material inside

Sunday PMSL collection – We hope that your weekend has turned out to be a goodie so far, and for those eager to spend time today procrastinating on the Internet, our latest selection of Sunday funnies has just hit the virtual racks, so why not grab your free edition.

Wishing you a lazy Sunday and a smile powered PMSLweb moment!

The word bed actually looks like a bed funny quote – Sunday PMSL collection

When you use the flower filter to look innocent funny meme

Life has never given me lemons sarcastic quote

Happiest day of my life funny meme

Funny Pisa tower design fail

America 2016 elections funny cartoon – Sunday PMSL collection

Hoe carnival funny meme

Mom versus dad humor

Things men do that upset women humor

Airplanes have now banned tweezers funny meme

Funny famous dragon related characters

Pennywise spotted on Google street view humor – Sunday PMSL collection

The only kid in the house who earns money joke

ATM’s have more features than the new iPhone 7 humor

Spell out your name game

Getting emotional while drinking humor

Writing K instead of ok funny quote

Princess Diana joke – Sunday PMSL collection

School playground equipment in 1900 funny meme

Skeletons f*cked up my naked husband funny fake book cover

National fucktard day funny meme

Funny periodic table spells harambe

Funny lizard tail fact – Sunday PMSL collection

Kids can smell the games on your phone funny meme

Chick fil A snitches on boyfriend funny tweet

Kids before versus now funny meme

Pumpkin spice everything is coming funny meme

Is Jesus fake too funny meme

I’m trying to see things from your point of view sarcastic humor

Pennywise got his balls stuck again funny meme – Sunday PMSL collection

Happiness comes from within humor

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