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Cartoons of the 80′s – Take a trip down memory lane…

Cartoons of the 80′s – For all those who were blessed enough to have known the grand Cartoon-Animation era offered to us during the 80′s, you may definitely be tempted to check out what follows. Evidently each generation has his unforgettable classics as far as cartoons are concerned, but seriously when you check out what is aired today, you tend to be relieved in a way and sorry for you kids at the same time. Our cartoons absolutely rocked no doubt and just cannot be compared….period!
Time to take a little trip down memory lane, and while we just couldn’t list them all, you are sure to stumble across a few you use to watch for sure.
Wishing you a delightful pmslweb moment!

Thundercats ho!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, WilyKit, WilyKat, and Snarf, aliens with feline features from the planet Thundera, are known as the Thundercats. After the death of their planet, the latter end up being forced to journey on the ‘Third Earth’ which actually turns out to be our good old earth in the future. Guided by Lion-O’s sword that contains the ‘Eye of Thundera’ they will need to survive on this new planet while attempting to take down the Mutants who have followed them there and whom now serve under the orders of Mumm-Ra their new archenemy, whose origins go back to Ancient Egypt.

Think you know the Thundercats? Why not give the Thundercats Trivia a shot!
Lion-O fail
Diet time for Lion-O
Isn't he precious?
Isn’t he just precious?
They exist!
The ultimate Fan Shoes
Thundercats shots
Wonder what Thundercat shots taste like?
Thundercats in London
Who said that Batman should have all the fun?
Thundercat rock
Give Thundercat rock a try
It follows you for life
You need to be a fan for sure
Thundercats art
Your Girlfriend will just love dating a Lion-O
Forever young
You just show them at Halloween when you go treating around the block!
in real life
What did you actually think Thundercat Ho was all about?
National Geographic
Thundercats: Doing it right!
A family moment
We all secretly wanted this to happen…
and the masters of the universe
Mattel’s very famous He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, reruns put aside, aired from 1983 to 1985. The plot made you discover the mythical planet of Eternia, where King Randor and Queen Marlena’s son Adam – aka Prince of Eternia- made a point of honor out of playing the ultimate justice defender. To do so, he often would have to use his sword that allowed him to transform into the mighty He-man; and in order to proceed, he’d raise it above his head and say the follow sentence: “By the Power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER”. During his adventures, his friends The Sorceress, Teela, her father the Man-At-Arms and Orko were always there to give him a helping hand as well as his faithful tiger Cringer who would also metamorphose into He-Man’s Battle Cat during the process. Together they would, time after time, defeat Skeletor and his henchmen.

Our role models
And to say these people use to be our role models duh!
he-man's cross
True…we never gave it a thought back then
One step in childhood
One way to keep a foot in childhood hey?
Surfing on Eternia
Fess up, you want one don’t you?
skeletor in demand
Be the (He) Man!
I want one
Best merchandising article ever!
Precious He-man
Well with that hairstyle what did you seriously expect?
She had the power
Princess Adora is Prince Adam’s twin sister – you know Adam, prince of Eternia? – and while her bro lives on Eternia she, on the other hand, lives on Etheria (Hahahaha right…). She will quickly discover that she was taken from her family when only baby by the villain Hordak who is her archenemy on the show. Just like her brother, Adora can transform into the ‘Princess of Power’ She-Ra, and to do so she also needs to raise her sword and say the following: “For the Honor of Grayskull… I am She-Ra!”. During her everyday battle to take down Hordak and his Horde Troopers, she can rely on her friends and especially on Bow her sweetheart Robin Hood..yeah because she is a girl after all let’s not forget!

She-Ra and He-Man sing in duet….why did they have to be brother and sister.. always wondered
retro 80's purse
Wonder what She-Ra’s purse looked like?
purse verso
Evidently guess who is on the other side
The rock n' roll cartoon
From 1985 to 1988 Hasbro, Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions got together in order to produce Jem and the Holograms, an avant-garde cartoon who revolved around rock music. Jerrica Benton was left orphan after the death of of father, and while being at the head of a foster home also ends up taking over the role of sub-owner/manager of the musical company Starlight Music, but this will not turn out to be the only ‘gift’ left to her by her father Emmett Benton! The latter will also become the owner of “Synergy” a Holographic program who will allow her -using a a pair of earrings – to become, along with her best friends Aja and Shana and her baby sister Kimber, the pop-star Jem and her band the Holograms. Their main rival band will turn out to be ‘The Misfits’, three perfidious girls who will be ready to do anything in order to win the amazing contract both bands will be ‘battling’ for. Rio Pacheco is a recurrent character in the show and Jerrica’s boyfriend, she can always rely on him although he can turn out to be quite jealous at moments…but she can only forgive him.

You’re a Jem and the Holograms know it all? Check it out with this trivia!
Play cinderella
Yeah they actually do exist
Ever gave this a thought?
just because
Could she have been inspired by Jem, seriously?
Their dream come true
Girls make it happen
Taking down Olympus
Directly inspired by the Greek mythology of Odysseus, Ulysses 31 retraces the story of Ulysses as he attempts to counter the plans of the ancient gods of Greek mythology but this time far ahead of our time and in outer space. The latter in command of the Odyssey spaceship is trying to make it back to earth, but the gods have decided else-wise and have even put mots of his crew in suspended animation. During his journey, he will be able to count of his son Telemachus, Yumi a young Zotrian and Nono a robot he offered as a present to his son as well as Shirka the Odyssey’s main female computer.


Ulysses 31 Parody…just love it – for any fan a must watch!
He does it right
Epic fail right?
Go Go Gadget
This DIC Entertainment show featuring a simple-witted cyborg detective originally aired from 1983 to 1986. Inspector Gadget a cyborg policeman helped by his niece Penny and her ‘Dog The Brain’ spend the most of heir time trying to counter the plans of the Machiavellian Doctor Clam and his M.A.D organization. Penny turns out to be the real ‘brain’ in the cartoon while Gadget employed by Chief Quimby boss of Metro City’s police, always ends up getting all the merits; that said she always does her best to let it be this way and loves to see her uncle’s self-esteem boosted while the latter tends to use his numerous gadgets; binoculars, skates, springs and extra hands preceded by the famous “Go Go gadget….” in the least expect moments…

Give the Inspector Gadget Trivia a go and see if you really know him as well as you think you do.
Not a reference
Your dream come true?
Gog go gadget legs
Yeah right, let’s just see how that works out after all!
The gadgets
May come in handy
The G-Force
The G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny has been subject to a certain controversy as it also exists under a more mature form that puts forward themes you basically would like to keep out of your kid’s reach – at least for now- but let’s focus on the show we got to adore as kids in which five youngsters with superhuman abilities would do all that was in their power to defend Earth from Planet Spectra’s menace. To do so they would evolve aboard their main ship the Phoenix that would allow them to access individual vehicles operated by each member personally like the “galacti-cycle” or the “Space Bubble”. Their archenemy was Zoldar who would get direct orders from the great villain the “Luminous One”.

We all wanted this bad
We all wanted to endorse this costume… well some actually did!
G-force Princess
Ah yes the Princess Oh la la!
Big time battle of the planets fail
We knew he was a tad chubby but this is defo a fail!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Day after day how many of us embraced the fictional characters of Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo while they fought crime in the undergrounds of New York City. The Teenage mutant ninja turtles helped by their adoptive father and Sensei Splinter – A rat- would spend the most of their time trying to frame their archenemy Shredder a villainous ninjutsu master and his famous Foot Clan. Helped by April a young and talented journalist, these four pizza adepts would use various masteries such as Katana’s for Leonardo, bō staff for Donatello, Sai’s for Raphael and nunshaku’s for Michelangelo to take down all forms of crime while learning the human values of life.


A spoof the way they always should be! Living up the dream
Oki so you were a fan… if you’re really sure just give this a go!
TMNT costumes for sure
Wouldn’t you look great in one of these?
Payback time
Gaming the way we like it
Don't freak out
Oh look a Turtle Gangsta!
Ninja nose
You can do it too!
what on earth?
Tonight just stay with your buddies seriously…no but really…
truth said
So that’s what they were
the real transformers
The battle between Autobots and Decepticons is no longer a secret for anyone. The alien robots Hasbro turned into a worldwide phenomena originally aired in 1984 and twenty seven years after – as well as three movies later -don’t seem to see their popularity decrease, not the most. On your right you have Optimus Prime and his troops which include personalities such as Jetfire his second in command, Ratchet the medic and veteran, Bumblebee who transforms into a Volkswagen Beetleor or even Bulkhead who can take a Cybertronian Bulldozer form, just to name a few, while on your left you’ll find the emblematic Decepticon leader Megatron and characters such as Shockwave, Blitzwing or Lugnut.


When the transformers inspire : The Citroen C4 Avert
Hard to follow aren’t they? But if you really think that you have what it takes, why not give the a try.
A beauty
You need one NOW!
because you know
Bring out the “Optimus” in you
he needs one now
Put that way….
Much better
I can hear it, you did too didn’t you?
geek love
Geek love the way it should be
For all the Transformer fans
Makes the others look so lame
now we know
Owned on FB
boring transformers
Try making a 2h movie out of this
80's alvin and the chipmunks
From 1983 to 1987 you could follow the cheerful adventures of three chipmunks; Alvin the leading troublemaker, Simon the tall intellectual and Theodore the sweet and innocent third member of the chipmunk clan. All three of them where adopted by David Seville – aka Dave- a song writer whose patience is frequently put to test, especially when it comes to Alvin whose imagination seems to have not limits. At moments the three loveable furry creatures also have to deal with three female chipmunks ‘the Chipettes’, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor Miller, and all three tend to each be the boy’s counterparts.

Alvin has a go
A chipmunk’s dream come true
it looks a bit weird
Now you know why they are called “Happy Meals”
depp down in the sea
The Snorks belong to the Hanna-Barbera family and aired from 1984 to 1989. Deep down in the ocean could be found the underwater city of Snorkland which was inhabited by small colorful creatures called the Snorks such as the show’s main character Allstar Seaworthy, a very smart yellow male Snork whose belt buckle would be the indicator of a bright idea, Casey kelp, a pretty pink female Snork who also turns out to be Allstar’s sweetheart and like him Casey is quite intelligent and kind-hearted, but also others like ‘Junior’ as spoiled-brat orange male Snork son of Snorkland’s governor who likes to mock Allstar and his friends or “Seaworthy” a purple male Snork, uncle of Allstar whose goal in life is to take over Snorkland at any cost.


A male Snork is a guy avec all on “Family Guy”
doing it right
Snork costume doing it right!
not everyone can be a snork
Not everyone can embody a Snork
my cat's a snork
You see them everywhere
the blue creatures
Is it still really necessary to present the Smurfs? Let’s do it in anyway! At the beginning the Smurfs are the creation of the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, and given the success the comic series quickly encountered, they were then adapted under the cartoon form that originally aired from 1981 to 1990. Hidden in the middle of a forest is the very hard to access Smurf village where live very cheerful little blue creatures: the Smurfs. To start off there were exactly ninety-nine Smurfs each of which with their own personality; The village leader is Papa Smurf, the only one to wear red clothing as well as having a beard, he is the wise character on the show and when he’s not locked up in his laboratory working on magical spells and potions he spends his time getting his little Smurfs out of trouble – that, let’s face it, they are very good at getting themselves into! Other notable characters include the Smurfette who was originally created by the show’s villain Gargamel in an attempt to try and trap the Smurfs but who Papa Smurf finally turned into a real member of the clan, Brainy Smurf who wears glasses and spends his time giving his fellow Smurf’s never ending lectures, Hefty Smurf the tough guy and strongest Smurf of them all, Grouchy Smurf who doesn’t like anything nor anyone.. well not really as deep down inside he will never let down his friends when in need, Jokey Smurf who gets a kick out of playing pranks on the others or Vanity Smurf who is beyond precious according to himself and can spend hours admiring himself in a pocket mirror…just to name a few.


New Smurfs? These guys have a few ideas…
Unbeatable when it comes to the Smurfs? Oki then why not give the a shot.
papa smurf rules
Call me Papa baby!
what color
So what would you say?
poor papa
The dark side
just loving it
Is a comment really necessary?
shinny happy people
Shinny happy people
yes you can
You can Smurf it
Rainbow life
Rainbow Brite started off as a Hallmark card character before she got her own cartoon show in 1984. “Rainbow” originally is an orphan who with help of her friends the “Color Kids” – Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O’Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet – as well as her white sprite Twink and her beautiful white talking horse Starlite, must find the ‘Sphere of Light’using her magical Color Belt when needed. During her quest she will have to defeat the King of Shadows.

If you remember Rainbow and her friends, come and test your knowledge by playing the .
rainbow brite now
After all these years, what has just become?
how they are made
We’ve found him: the Rainbow maker!
like everyone else
She’s not different to the rest of us
Remember the popples
Remember the Popples, those very High-Tech soft-toys that you could turn inside out in order to give them a ball form? Oh come on, we know you do! Well like many toys of their generation they also were allotted a TV show which originally aired from 1986 to 1987. Bonnie and Billy Wagner, two young kids get dragged into numerous adventures by their Popple friends who are hidden secret to their parents. each of their Popples comes in a different color and has its own personality; Party is a big pink Popple that never seems to get tired and just wants to party day and night, Pretty Cool – aka PC- is a blue Popple who tends to try and stay reasonable compared to most of his fellow Popple friends although he also is all fun and games while Pancake the marroon Popple is very cuddly for instance. The Wagner kids have nine Popples all together, and during the second season the cast grows when new kids, Mike and Penny move in next door with Popples of their own.


The official first generation Popple commercial
They exist
At least these ones don’t bounce around
popples bouncing
The Popples were actually stalkers
dear care bears
A few years back – or decades should we say- it was a real fashion to own a Care Bear…”You don’t have a Care bear?? Poor soul, how come, don’t your parents love you?” (I don’t care I didn’t have one anyway so just saying… you CAN survive!). These happy colorful teddy-bears first aired under their TV show form in 1985 and were later on joined by their cousins the…Care Bear Cousins – Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon, Cozy heart penguin etc. Coming back to the Care bears themselves, leading characters include Love-A-Lot bear and his red heart belly badge, Good-Luck Bear the green Irish bear vector of good luck with his four leaf clover, and who had a crush on Polite Panda but also Wish Bear – we really didn’t realize back then did we? – Grumpy Bear the Inventor or even Tender-Heart bear who would help people express their feelings…just to name a few.

Who would we be not to propose you a of course!
bondage bear
Weird, I don’t recall this one
a new care bear
Must of skipped a few episodes
who cares about the care bears
My point…
Aren't they sweet
Amazing what alcohol can do
he owns
My fav by far!
Now we’re talking
chillax bear
Apparently he got fired, go figure
years after
The reunion
Other honorable mentions…
education made easy
It started like this: “It is the 16th century. From all over Europe, great ships sail west to conquer the New World, the Americas. The men eager to seek their fortune, to find new adventures in new lands. They long to cross uncharted seas and discover unknown countries, to find secret gold on a mountain trail high in the Andes. They dream of following the path of the setting sun that leads to El Dorado and the Mysterious Cities of Gold.” During thirty-nine episodes we got to follow the adventures of Esteban “Child of the Sun” who was rescued at sea by the Spanish navigator Mendoza, who you frankly never are sure what to think of as he tends to save him one day and stab him in the back another, Zia the daughter of an Inca Priest and Tao the last living descendant of the sunken empire of Mu. While occasionally flying the Golden Condor they will live many adventures during their quest to find the Cities of Gold while having to defeat Francisco Pizarro and his men as well as Mendoza himself and his two clumsy employes Gomez and Gaspard.

willy fog the cartoon
The cartoon adaptation of Around the World in Eighty Days -Jules Verne everyone- first aired in 1983 and was quite a success in Europe. Willy Fog, an English gentleman lion is the main character and basically plays the role of Phileas Fogg who has to fulfill this amazing bet, when challenged to do so by London’s Reform Club which he is a member of, helped by Rigodon a Lynx hired as his butler -Passepartout in the novel- and the beautiful Romy, a panther whom he is in love with, without forgetting his faithful Tico who spends a decent amount of time hiding in his bag.

mask the 80's cartoon
Mobile Armored Strike Kommand – aka M.A.S.K, was broadcasted from 1985 to 1986 with seventy-five episodes and was a major success due also to the cartoon’s derivative toys. During the show’s two seasons, Matt Trakker, leader of the M.A.S.K and his gang fought the criminal organization of V.E.N.O.M -Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem- using high-tech vehicles which could transform and by wearing masks that would give them super powers. Other characters who should be mentioned are Matt’s adoptive son Scott who he raised alone and the latter’s robot T-Bob that Scott seems to spend most of his time optimizing.

Matt  and his car
Every boy’s dream toy back in the 80′s
The tv cartoon
Dungeons and Dragons was a cartoon directly inspired by the role playing game of the same name and that aired from 1983 to 1985. To make short the plot is about a group of teenagers, Hank the Ranger, Eric the Cavalier, Diana the Acrobat, Presto the Magician, Sheila the Thief and Bobby the Barbarian, trying to find their way home after taking a ride on magical roller coaster who leads them to mystical grounds, and where they meet the Dungeon Master who gives them all a specific weapon to help them fulfill their quest. Many adventures and enemies await them all along the way including Venger “the Force of Evil” the main villain. One question remains…did they ever make it back home by the way?

dungeons and dragons cartoon costumes
Nostalgia hits some quite bad

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