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Funny nonsense – Keeping Monday in line

It’s Monday again sarcastic meme – Funny nonsense at

Funny nonsense – Let us rejoice, the new week is here (said no one ever). While we hope that the weekend left your head full of wild and memorable souvenirs – or that you procrastinated worthily – it’s time to face the naked truth: You now need to make it through yet another painful Monday. In order to get past ... Read More »

Funny Monday images – A new week gallery of funnies

You only think about yourself funny quote

Funny Monday images – While we hope that your weekend left you with a list of ace memories, it is now sadly time to turn the page and kick-start one of the most taunting chapters that one will ever get to endeavor: “Monday”. The latter tends to drag on and on, and before you finally reach the largely awaited last ... Read More »

Funny Monday collection – Welcome to the chuckle zone


Funny Monday collection – As a new week debuts, some of us may tend to feel slightly low-spirited. Indeed, jumping out of bed before the alarm clock goes off while displaying a delighted grin on a Monday morning isn’t – let’s face it- all that common. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself belonging to that specific category of people, well… ... Read More »

Wild Monday pictures – Take a walk on the wild side


Wild Monday pictures – While it’s time for us to set our minds back to work, dedicating a little quality time to our funny bone may not turn out to be a very bad idea. Indeed, if you do the math, in the long run our performances are directly linked to our mood, and the following equation sums it up: ... Read More »

Funny Monday collection – New week chuckles coming your way


Funny Monday collection – What can be better than a few smiles to set off your week on the right foot? Evidently it won’t take all the pain away, but if it can somehow help sooth our return to reality, it’s probably worth a shot… Here’s our Monday selection of funnies, that we hope will fulfill your expectations. Wishing you ... Read More »

Foolish Monday – Fertilizing the evil weed


Foolish Monday – Because we figured out that most us were entitled to a few side-splits today, we put together a chuckle-packed collection of funnies in order to get off the week on the right foot. Please note that those of you who have a green thumb, will find here a very powerful evil weed fertilizer that they can abuse ... Read More »

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