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New week funnies – Your Monday mood enhancer

Everyone has that annoying friend @PMSLweb.com

New week funnies – Once upon a time it was Monday, one of those most frustrating non-fictional stories you will ever encounter. Most of the time the first day of the week can trigger more or less violent bouts of Mondayitis (if in doubt, symptoms of the latter include fatigue, depression, distress and weariness), but by enhancing your day with ... Read More »

Foolish Monday – Kickstarting a brand new week

Funny tax refund Nigerian scam @PMSLweb.com

Foolish Monday – We hope that you are finally settling into 2016 without too much hassle, and that you haven’t had to fight the urge to strangle anyone so far… Just kidding (but, then again…)! As dictated by tradition, Monday is always the perfect occasion to spike up a tad the mood, so without further ado, the time has come ... Read More »

Hilarious Monday – New week funnies

Hilarious Monday – As a new week strikes us along with its machiavellian manager Brutus Monday, the last happy memories of the past weekend slowly start fading away. This calls for action, and ASAP; so we have put together a new collection of funny pictures which we hope will help you thwart any negative thoughts who could be trying to ... Read More »

Funny Monday arena – Time for a rib tickling session

Funny life is unfair at PMSLweb.com

Funny Monday arena – Did you know that the average person will end up moaning around 34 minutes every Monday morning, as opposed to the usual other days average of 22? Another interesting and far from anodyne fact regarding the first day of the business week, were you aware that “Monday” was also a slang term to designate a very ... Read More »

Jokey Monday – Starting the week on a mocking note

Jokey Monday – Welcome to our latest edition of new week funnies; we hope that the latter will find you well, and ready to take on Monday all-in. NOTE: Currently, you may be experiencing a few lags while visiting the website , and we wish to apologize for the inconvenience. Indeed, we are working on a little “behind the scenes” ... Read More »

Monday smiles – A touch of happy to start the week

How would you like to enter Miss Southampton fail at PMSMweb.com

Monday smiles – The counters have been set back to zero, and once more you will need to start working on your motivation levels from scratch in order to get them back to where they were at last Friday evening. If you allow us, we would like to put in a helping hand with our first giggle-tainted collection of the ... Read More »