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Weekend nonsense – Your WE edition of sillies

Funny what kind of guys get into equestrian meme at

Weekend nonsense – By now, each and every one of you should have comfortably settled into the weekend. While for some, the 48 hours which precede the hectic business week will turn out to be a wild marathon of madness, for others – or both- a weekend cannot possibly be complete without dedicating time to procrastination, and that’s where we ... Read More »

Saturday PMSL – Your weekend chuckle zone

Funny standing in line logic at

Saturday PMSL – For those who have decided to dedicate part of their weekend to recklessly surf the world wide web, jumping from wave to wave without any real precise destination; our virtual chuckle grounds welcome you. Why not take a few minutes to catch a breath, grab a drink (beverage will probably depend on your current time zone, but ... Read More »

Saturday laughter – A weekend selection of funnies

Funny chicken egg fact at

Saturday laughter – We hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far, and that whatever your initial plan was, you’re making the most of it. If you are reading these lines, no doubt that a little procrastination time has made the cut, and we totally agree with the fact that no weekend worthy of the name should ... Read More »

Saturday LOL – Let us enhance your weekend


Saturday LOL – For all those of you who have fully or partially decided to dedicate your weekend to procrastinating, please find bellow our selection of Saturday funnies. Sometimes the best weekends turn out to be those where nothing specific was planned, but nonetheless, giggles should always be part of the equation. Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday Madness – Funnies to set the weekend mood


Saturday Madness – We hope that so far the weekend has been treating you right, and that you’re making the most of it (if the plan revolves around procrastination, may it be top-notch). The time has come for us to submit to your appreciation our weekend selection of funnies, may the latter contribute in fulfilling your Saturday mood gauge. Wishing ... Read More »

Saturday Craze – Setting the tone with brio


Saturday craze – After hours of practicing and inflecting yourselves numerous imaginary scenarios , the weekend is here and it’s time to live up to your self-set expectations. Don’t freak out though, long story short, today’s message could simply be summed up by : make the most of your weekend people and enjoy! Wishing you a fun-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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