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Saturday funnies – Your weekend delivery of nonsense

How to find the name of a song humor

Saturday funnies – We hope that your weekend has been living up to your expectations so far – whatever the latter were- and if you are interested in enhancing your Saturday with a few extra giggles, we might just have what you need! Once more we have decided to treat you to a handful of lighthearted weekend giggles, so please ... Read More »

PMSLweb weekend – Our Saturday edition

Upstairs neighbours favorite shoes meme

PMSLweb weekend – Before going any further, we must admit that we did face a moral dilemma during the past few hours – as sadly it has been the case on a few (too many) occasions lately – whether or not posting today would turn out to be appropriate. After the sickening events which occurred last night in Paris, the ... Read More »

Saturday LOL – The best way to start your weekend

Kanye West for president meme at

Saturday LOL – Before going any further, we hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far. As is customary, today’s edition of funny pics features various humoristic genres, topped up with a touch of stupidity (a very infamous internet trend). If kick-starting the day with a little nonsense seems like a plan, we invite you to continue ... Read More »

Saturday humor – Our weekend selection of funnies

Funny Facebook attention seeker status at

Saturday humor – For those looking for an efficient way to lose time, be reassured that you’ve knocked at the right door. Indeed on in virtual playground, the nonsense tends to love a live of its own on the weekend (go figure), so if you were in the mood for a few chuckles, please be our guests. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Saturday funnies – Our weekend collection of funny images

Just kinda do it Nike parody at

Saturday funnies – The weekend is here, and the time has come to seriously consider replenishing your giggle-o-meter. Search no more, our Saturday collection of funny pics awaits you as of now, and chances are that you won’t regret dedicating a few minutes of your time to the latter, so let’s get the party started. Wishing you a chuckle-packed PMSLweb ... Read More »

LOL pictures – Our Saturday selection of funnies

Funny McDonalds evolution theory – LOL pictures at

LOL pictures – For those who have decided to dedicate their Saturday to a wild session of internet surfing (one of the most popular “extreme” sports out there, as you know), we’ve heard of a few crazy waves you might just want to check-out. Just keep scrolling and let yourself be overwhelmed by the fascinating virtual rollers. Wishing you a ... Read More »

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