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Tgif fun – Turning the page on your work week

I’m bad with names funny sign at

Tgif fun – For a fair amount of you, Friday evening rhymed ,rhymes or will rhyme – depending on your time zone – with the end of the business week and the beginning of the weekend. Evidently, we also acknowledge the fact that for many this will not be the case, so our thoughts right now go to those who ... Read More »

Tgif laughter – Take a spin down funny lane

1994 was the worst year in music at

Tgif laughter – The weekend is now knocking at your door and once more, in order to celebrate, here’s a new collection of funnies containing pictures we came across left and right during our hours of wicked scavenging. We hope you will enjoy and have an awesome weekend ahead of you in all cases. Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Tgif picture collection – Doing it the PMSL way

Fresh cut grass smell meme – Tgif picture collection at

Tgif picture collection – With 362 days left on the new calendar, did you know that it’s around this date that we will reach our perihelion (the moment when our good old earth gets the closest it does to the sun)? Evidently, we do realize that people from the Northern hemisphere will be thrilled about the news… *sigh*. Otherwise on ... Read More »

A TGIF collection – Once upon a Friday

trust me I’m an engineer

A TGIF collection – We officially declare open Friday’s festivities, and once more, we could never-ever consider doing so without having a personal contribution up our sleeve. The time has come to finally unwind after yet another “dreadful” week, attempt to put your worries aside – when possible evidently… and slip into a delightful IDGAF mode. Procrastination here we come! ... Read More »

Thank God it’s Friday – Time to polish your funny bone

God of walmart croc - funny picture at

Thank God it’s Friday - Obviously if you’re reading these lines, the time has come to congratulate yourself for making it though yet another week; so why not reward yourself with a good pat on the back and a few giggles? For the purists, a few drinks can definitely be in order too, although some will probably still have to ... Read More »

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