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Funny Saturday – Your weekend selection of funnies


Funny Saturday – Welcome to funny bone land; our staff is delighted to see you drop by today, and will now attempt to make the most out of your stay. Amongst the freebies put at your disposition during your visit, you will find lighthearted chuckles, side-splitting guffaws and indelible giggles, so please be our guests and pick-up what you need. ... Read More »

Saturday goodies – Sponsoring your weekend chuckles


Saturday goodies – We hope that whatever activities you may have gotten involved in last night did not leave you completely out of service today. If you feel like your liver has been slightly injured for instance, or that your functioning brain cell count is running low, why not dedicate some time into procrastinate a little in front of our ... Read More »

Weekend guffaws – Your virtual humoristic energy bar


Weekend guffaws – So you have decided to dedicate part of the weekend to procrastinating? Most of us will admit punctuating their cherished end of the week quality time with a handful of virtual playground moments including –in most cases- a few Facebook guest star appearances, because “the Young & the Facebooker”, biggest soap opera in the world, knows no ... Read More »

Weekend lol – Funny pics to sublimate your WE mood


Weekend lol – Rare are those who will be against spiking up their Saturday with a few wicked chuckles, so please welcome yet a new collection of mood revitalizing pictures. If ever you need a quick fix, don’t hesitate in giving us a shot, as our latest shipment might turn out to be just what you need. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Crazy weekend – When your mind takes a turn for the worst


Crazy weekend – What happens when one’s mind takes a turn for the worst and starts ignoring the boundaries it usually complies by? Basically, this is the topic we’ll be flirting with today… The weekend is here, so let’s focus on it and treat ourselves to a few giggles. Wishing you a chortle-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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