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Crazy Sunday – A dominical edition of funnies


Crazy Sunday – Time for us to tie back up that wild hair after letting it loose during 48h, to sit back and relax. While we all know what awaits us tomorrow, during our last hours of procrastination , nothing indicates that the latter must smile-prohibited, so let’s go for it. Wishing you a nice and relaxing PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Weekend funnies – Time for your prescribed dose

Smile and say a**hole quote at

Weekend funnies – By now your weekend mood should be set in theory, and what we need to focus on as from now, is to maintain the latter at an acceptable level. We hope that the following donation of goodies will contribute in the enhancement of this cause we highly believe in. Wishing you a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday fun – Funny bone surgery coming up

Nike nah I’m good – Saturday fun at

Here’s a tad Saturday fun for the last weekend before you start working on those new year resolutions of yours. How ambitious have you been this turn round? Have you kept things low key, or on the contrary have you decided to challenge yourself to a real ascension of the Himalaya tainted quest for 2014? In all cases, a few ... Read More »

Silly Saturday – Long live weekend humor

Haterine – recommended for all sh*t talkers at

Why not just go for a silly Saturday for a change , without any justifications whatsoever; just to please ourselves! The next few days promise to be quite hectic and will require from us an overflow of inner juice, so let’s just enjoy and chill while we can. Wishing you a nonsensical PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Rowdy Saturday giggles – A wild collection of funny pics

I’m not a proctologist funny

Funny pics – The weekend is finally here , and since there’s no such thing as too many bouts of laughter during that sacred period of time, it’s our pleasure to submit to your appreciation yet another wicked and wild collection of funny pictures, in order to enhance the mood and set the tone. Wishing you a disrupted PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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