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Weekend funnies – Time for your prescribed dose

Weekend funnies – By now your weekend mood should be set in theory, and what we need to focus on as from now, is to maintain the latter at an acceptable level. We hope that the following donation of goodies will contribute in the enhancement of this cause we highly believe in.

Wishing you a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Give a professional athlete a free car meme at

Here’s a bottle of our finest FU – Weekend funnies at

Can you hear me now meme – Weekend funnies at

Go chase the f*ck I just gave ecard at

Xmas versus Christmas comment at

Walking home instead of driving drunk meme at

First time at the spa cartoon – Weekend funnies at

Trampoline bridge meme at

Different ways of peeing meme at

Winter humor – Weekend funnies at

Victim walks 800 miles home at

You look great honey meme at

Meat fail meme – Weekend funnies at

Who is dankey kang fail at

Xbox controller lollipop at

Johnny Bravo he lives at

If someday we all go to prison for downloading music

Myspace childhood meme at

Drive thru adoption meme – Weekend funnies at

I just want to be close to you dog meme at

Friendzoned party edition at

The microwave is faster meme at

I’m probably single because meme at

Jesus doesn’t want to hear your mix tape at

Dancing on stage is like going to war meme at

Asteroid versus a steroid – Weekend funnies at

Smile and say a**hole quote at

Sloths astronaut training tip at

Bieber punched in the face tip at

That one pen that makes your handwriting beautiful at

How you graduate – Weekend funnies at

My give-a-shitter ecard at

Definition of constipation at

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