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Saturday fun – Funny bone surgery coming up

Here’s a tad Saturday fun for the last weekend before you start working on those new year resolutions of yours. How ambitious have you been this turn round? Have you kept things low key, or on the contrary have you decided to challenge yourself to a real ascension of the Himalaya tainted quest for 2014? In all cases, a few chuckles are our way of letting you know that we will do our best to support you all along the way.

Wishing you a sparkling PMSLweb moment!

Tell her to get in the kitchen – Saturday fun at

Kim Jon Un and Sarah Jessica Parker fake poster at

When I don’t answer my phone – Saturday fun at

Simba and elephant bad timing meme at

Burnt pizza funny comment – Saturday fun at

Public bathroom dafuq at

OMG a friend meme at

Before you jump funny cat meme at

McDonalds grimace humor – Saturday fun at

Please enter your pin meme at

Drawn on eyebrows ecard at

Take life by the balls – Saturday fun at

Been removed from our email list meme at

Freshly washed car ahead pigeon meme

Spider plug meme at

Pregnancy selfie fail at

IE crashed humor – Saturday fun at

Facebook you cannot be in a relationship with your cousin at

That was insensitive my bad – Saturday fun at

Doesn’t mean she’s saying yes cat meme at

Nike nah I’m good – Saturday fun at

Ryan Gosling husband pillow at

Spoon washing meme at

Sleeping on top of your hand meme at

James Bond meme at

Duckface humor – Saturday fun at

Vintage social networking at

Catnip dealer cat meme at

When I carry the groceries meme – Saturday fun at

F*ck off good morning ecard at

Teddy Ruxpin meme at

Toysrus pull out and save 600$ at

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