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TGIF hilarity – A pinch of sarcasm to start the weekend

TGIF hilarity – While some have already had the chance to kick off their shoes a few hours ago, some of us still have a few hours to get through – should we say “wait through”, as chances are that we will be far from hitting our highest peaks as far as productivity is concerned. Whatever situation you can relate to, please welcome our Friday selection of funny and slightly sarcasm-tainted pictures, as they should turn out to be quite adapted to the general mood.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a chuckle loaded PMSlweb moment!

Naughty toast – TGIF hilarity at

Sarcastic shut up ecard at

Got my license Facebook funny at

Gay on a plane funny story at

French obesity advert at

How white girls take pictures – TGIF hilarity at

Beethoven joke at

Funny book cover at

Remember before Facebook sarcasm at

Grab a straw because you suck at

Twinkle twinkle little star sarcasm – TGIF hilarity at

Every time you smell a flower funny quote at

Bottle of booze prank at

Dat a** chair meme at

Funny Lucifer google suggestion at

Last supper bad*ass at

Funny flowers children book – TGIF hilarity at

Funny skin color comment at

Funny autobiography at

My dream body Mario Bros meme at

What has been seen meme at

If Aliens ever land on earth funny quote at

Funny clam – TGIF hilarity at

My girlfriend telling me to take out the garbage at

Who laughs last laughs longest joke at

Funny tree services advert at

Baby’s first selfie humor at

Ninjesus humor at

How to prank a taxi driver – TGIF hilarity at

Funny Japanese saying at

Rick Astley never gonna give a f*ck at

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