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Saturday madness – Beware funny zone ahead

Saturday madness – Time for us to submit to your appreciation a new selection of funny pictures. Bearing in mind that the percentage of funny bone linked accidents hit peaks on the weekend, we highly insist that you take all required precautions before going any further; as evidently we take not responsibility or liability to any jaw dislocations or other similar incidents.

Wishing you a mischievous

Funny teletubbies – Saturday madness at

Holiday season sarcasm at

Five kinds of sex humor at

A new study shows meme at

Painting humor at

Mona Lisa lifts – Saturday madness at

Big bird is drunk at

Don’t tilt the screen back at

Mermaid dance team at

Funny emoticon texting at

Blogger in natural habitat – Saturday madness at

Funny Titanic cartoon at

He loves me not Disney humor at

Only race I’ve ever won humor at

Funny you might be a man at

I don’t jump to conclusions sarcasm at

Funny dog time out – Saturday madness at

I feel as ignored humor at

I love you funny quote at

Funny pig picture at

Envelope in the fridge humor at

We missed the ice cream truck – Saturday madness at

How parent interpret psychiatrists at

Good dog humor at

You know you’re fooked on a test quote at

How I imagine Americans have breakfast at

Talking to my girlfriend while on PS3 at

Corduroy bear humor – Saturday madness at

Everyone wants to be liked and accepted humor at

Coca cola polar bear humor at

Loss of a loved one card fail at

Teletubbie is high at

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