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Wednesday craziness – A funny humporama

Wednesday craziness – If in need for a midweek enhancer, we may just have what you need. Today we’ve decided to treat all of you online giggle junkies to a Hump day fix of craze. Don’t beat yourselves up though; be assured that there’s no way in the world that we would ever even consider leading you on a guilt trip… No, please see the following venture as a rib-tickling journey.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

It’s so cold outside funny quote – Wednesday craziness at

Washing your hands humor at

Le f*ck at

Deaf sex joke at

Toilet flush meme at

Ketchup humor – Wednesday craziness at

Funny loading on internet at

Funny shooting precision in movies at

To all the mothers who survived walmart at

F*ck off shoe at

Funny Apple hipster edit – Wednesday craziness at

Little girl and construction workers joke at

Funny sign interpretation at

Dumbass in every corner warning at

Taking a dump in peace meme at

Morning sex joke – Wednesday craziness at

Fan speed selector humor at

Supermarket trolley meme at

Farmville suspense humor at

Remaining battery time humor at

Funny hurricane tweet at

She died over 500 years ago funny comment at

Funny French warning – Wednesday craziness at

Funny Omegle conversation at

Murdering advice from a duck at

You mind if I take off early boss at

Friendship sarcastic ecard at

Cheeto jacking off – Wednesday craziness at

Funny Prince charming at

Your legs spread faster than a forest fire at

Funny learn to speak with an Irish accent at

To those who don’t believe in evolution meme at

You only think about yourself funny quote at

Funny take pictures in the shower – Wednesday craziness at

Before you can hijack a plane humor at

Dolly Parton CD player fail at

How do Atheist families celebrate Christmas humor at

When I like a song by an artist I hate at

Realistic fortune cookie – Wednesday craziness at

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