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Tgif humour – A wicked collection of funnies coming your way

Tgif humour – The wildest day of the week is finally here, so have no fear, you can trust us to celebrate it worthily with you. Did you know that in the Norse mythology, Friday got its name from the Goddess Freya, the most beautiful of all, and incidentally the goddess of love and fertility? For those of you who always wondered why they felt more sexy and horny than usual on Fridays we might be onto something here.. Freya’s characteristics were the following: a cloak made out of bird feathers that she would use to turn into a falcon, a chariot pulled by two cats – no joke, feel free to check it up if you don’t believe us – and a necklace that she was granted with after sleeping with four dwarfs (if ever you hear about a fandom please let us know, thank you).

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

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