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TGIF fun – A collection of Friday guffaws

Funny use the force painting – TGIF fun

TGIF fun – Hey, hey, hey, guess what? It’s finally Friday! Indeed, the craziest day of the week has finally decided to show its gorgeous face, just in the neck of time. In order to celebrate, it is our honor to cordially invite you to check out our latest selection of nonsense; so buckle up and let’s get going shall ... Read More »

Friday fun – A TGIF collection of funnies

Automatically feeling annoyed when looking at someone – Friday fun

Friday fun – As your weekend mood is slowly settling in (evidently we do realize that for most of those concerned, this probably occurred as soon as you put foot on the floor this morning), you will feel the urge to get distracted by any possible manner increase. Since nonsense will always be a top choice, please feel free to ... Read More »

TGIF fun – A delivery of Friday funnies

Space whisky is back – TGIF fun at

TGIF fun – You are now (or will soon) cruising through the uprising and mischievous Friday zone. During the next 48h, many adventures await you, so why not prepare yourself psychologically as from now before your inner demons decide to take over, with the following collection of funny pics. Wishing you a fun-packed weekend ahead and a joyful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

TGIF Fun – Friday is here so bring it on

Funny anatomy of a wasp – TGIF fun at

TGIF Fun – As today tends to be the wildest day of the week, no doubt that you should totally be up for a few badass giggles in order to correctly initiate your weekend. Bellow, you shall find our latest selection of TGIF funnies, so let’s start spiking up your mood as from now. Wishing you a crazy weekend ahead ... Read More »

TGIF LMAO – Friday giggles on the loose

When you see it at

TGIF LMAO – Gelos and his acolytes among whom feature the cheerful Aphrodite , Dionysus the god of music, wine and intoxication, Euphrosyne the goddess of joy or even Koros the goddess of extravagant joy and exuberance request your presence at the TGIF party that they’ve decided to kick-up on Mount Olympus today. For the occasion, some of the most ... Read More »

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