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Hump day lol – Your midweek dose of craze

Hump day lol – Welcome to a brand new edition of Wednesday funnies, a subtle blend of funny pictures and mocking memes found all around the web, which we have compiled together in order to try and kick-start a few smiles among the masses. Buckle-up, sit back and enjoy this little spin on the wild-side.

Wishing you a diverting PMSLweb moment!

Control a cat remote -  Hump day lol at

Walmart friendzoned me at

Lion humping zebra cartoon at

Plenty of fish in the sea funny at

After you’ll have sex meme at

McDonalds parenting fail – Hump day lol at

Car with round tires fail at

A couple’s sleeping styles at

Guys be like meme – Hump day lol at

Picture of my girlfriend shaving funny at

Who lit the fuse on your tampon at

You’re not the real santa cat meme at

iPhone humor – Hump day lol at

The hunt for Lincoln’s assassin fail at

Engrish fail at

Restaurant menu fail at

I’m on a diet funny – Hump day lol at

Kids menu fail at

The joys of sucking on balls slogan fail at

Menu translation fail at

Morning sex joke at

Oreo hair fail – Hump day lol at

Fluffy boo cat meme at

Fried rice fail at

High five god meme at

Carrots may be good for your eyes meme at

Hakuna ma vodka – Hump day lol at

Chewing gum meme at

Soon he will be mine meme at

Deer crossing fail at

Nana’s got your back meme at

McDonalds wedding – Hump day lol at

Mexican boots humor at

Ninja turtles needed bitches at

Condoms too big for Indian men at

Newton’s third law of emotion meme at

Paranormal cat – Hump day lol at

Toilet training men cartoon at

She killed her first spider meme at

Mum breastfeeds 13 year old at

Cork radio station funny – Hump day lol at

Go to jail t-shirt mugshot at

Michael Jordan money facts at

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