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TGIF you laugh you lose – Your Internet in a nutshell

TGIF you laugh you lose – Welcome to our latest edition of Friday guffaws. Once more we’ll be thrilled if we can slightly enhance the last day of your business week/ the beginning of your weekend festivities/ yet another painful working day (please apply the adequate formula). The Internet being a wonderful source as far as mind blowing bullshit is concerned (may it or not be inspired by actual facts/truths from the past or present), we hope that our newest findings bring a smile or two to your face.

Wishing you a rowdy weekend ahead and undisciplined PMSLweb moment!

Never gonna give you up funny light gif – TGIF you laugh you lose

What is this wood pecker trying to prove funny meme

Women with menstruation sarcastic humor

The factory that makes Kim Kardashian’s underwear funny meme

Other people swearing versus me humor

My uncle looks like barbecue ribs funny meme

I love my Samsung galaxy funny meme – TGIF you laugh you lose

How men react to boobs funny meme

Prevent demon possession with the butt plug Christian humor

Funny back of t-shirt design fail

Funny parmesan prank

Proctologist slammed his finger funny cartoon

The moment she realized why she always got free drinks humor

Happy wife happy life sarcastic humor –TGIF you laugh you lose

I think I’ll take the next bus funny meme

I thought you knew how to count funny Sesame street meme

Think twice before posing for pictures funny meme

Funny Tourette’s research center

That’s how I’d want to go funny meme

The difference between your wife and your job funny meme – TGIF you laugh you lose

The last thing you stuck your finger in funny family feud meme

Little Billy joke

Funny misunderstanding of Bohemian rhapsody lyrics

I wish you a slow and painful death sarcastic humor

Plan A versus plan B inappropriate humor

Funny old man listening to Katy Perry gif

Governmental irony humor – TGIF you laugh you lose

Little boy with diarrhea needs Viagra joke

Free giveaway sarcastic humor

Funny shit the bed sauce

There are 2 kinds of parents funny meme

Just a cat falling off the table funny meme

The more I understand serial killers funny meme

I need a vodka to help me endure fucktards sarcastic humor – TGIF you laugh you lose

Hot sun on an old school metal slide humor

When you ask a first grade class to write letters to a nursing home funny meme

Using your words in daycare funny cartoon

Funny middle finger advert prank

Tampax should make a product sarcastic humor

Funny cable company quote  - TGIF you laugh you lose

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