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TGIF guffaws – A Friday collection of funnies

TGIF guffaws – In order to worthily celebrate the upcoming weekend, why not treat your zygomaticus major (aka the facial expression muscle, the culprit that enjoys pulling the angles of your mouth upwards) to a little gym session. In order to do so, bellow we have put at your disposition few workout tools.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Boxing cat – TGIF guffaws at

Pimp my pedo van at

Funny religion meme at

Learn to pay attention joke at

It takes 0 muscles humor at

Weird google search suggestion – TGIF guffaws at

Funny autocorrect fail at

Robot vacuum meme at

Bear Grylls and sesame street meme at

Listening to music at max volume meme at

Funny call MTV pregnancy test at

Facebook shadow fail – TGIF guffaws at

One direction fail at

Watch Yahoo question fail at

Funny you sound like a hostage at

Bra difficulty level humor at

Death with benefits humor at

Found an escaped convict on street view – TGIF guffaws at

Internet explorer and Spiderman computer humor at

Funny dog in painting at

Fifty shades of No at

You’re stretching my shirt humor at

Cat not questioning your intelligence meme at

I’m twelve and wanna get drunk humor – TGIF guffaws at

She thinks I’m being cute meme at

Funny Xbox vs Nintendo 64 at

Cigarettes and tampons joke at

Butterflies are so metal humor at

Beer gloss at

FU fighters meme – TGIF guffaws at

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