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Funny TGIF misconduct – Ludicrous memes and pictures

Funny TGIF misconduct – Thank goodness, only one week remains on this peculiar 2016 calendar. It’s not all that much that we’re in a hurry to put the following next few days behind us (especially given that they usually will turn out to be the most fun & crazy ones of the year), but to see this specific year hit its end is something many of us are fairly impatient to see. In the meantime though, it’s time to kick-start the most festive week of the year, so why not warm up that funny bone of yours on our weekly edition of funny TGIF bullshit!

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and a riotous PMSLweb moment!

Funny Toxic levels of stupidity warning sign - Funny TGIF misconduct

Man clips his tooth funny WTF gif

You say TGIF like you have a job funny meme

You should pay more attention to her funny evil Kermit meme

How females get over relationships adult humor

When you wear boxers funny meme – Funny TGIF misconduct

Funny keep scrolling policeman

Putin is hackerman funny meme

Having another child because of facebook funny meme

Girls on Instagram wearing yoga pants funny gif

Trying to understand the signals my GF sends me funny meme

When Bae goes out without me funny evil Kermit meme

When your pussy farts and he understands  adult humor – Funny TGIF misconduct

Funny vagina handbag meme

Girls will never understand funny guy toilet problem meme

Funny uses for leftover fruit cake

Funny Darth Vader shower meme

When your slutty friend tries to justify her whoring around funny meme

When I wake up in the morning my dick be like adult humor

When bae tells you about her day funny adult meme

Funny crocodile warning sign – Funny TGIF misconduct

The fruitcake that wouldn’t leave funny cartoon

Me at the beginning versus at the end of 2016

Dating online isn’t easy funny cartoon

Funny medical prescription pills cartoon

Funny bread twist tie evil Kermit meme

Sorry I got your daughter pregnant funny board game – Funny TGIF misconduct

Tag a friend and their crush funny meme

When she dreams that he cheats on her funny meme

I’ll handle this breakup funny evil Kermit meme

Funny Christmas chocolate pepper prank

If 2016 was a person meme – Funny TGIF misconduct

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