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Satire & Sarcasm Reunited -The SSR picture collection

Satire & Sarcasm – To quote Edward Leamington Nichols – the American physicist, “The difference between satire and sarcasm is the difference between surgery and butchery.”
Basically to make short, while the purpose somehow of satire is to point out a few flaws with hope that the latter will be acknowledged and that comportment modifications may be considered in the long run, when it comes to sarcasm this time, all hopes have clearly been dropped and the sole purpose behind this form of humor will be to undoubtedly “punch, hurt and bury”.

As for what follows, we will let you judge for yourself!

Wishing you a highly philosophic PMSLweb moment….

I am concerned with how full of s you are

room full of people finding you funny

standing up in a wheelchair in the alcohol isle

joggers always find the bodies

the secret behind pencil sharpeners

even a toilet can only handle one a-hole at the time

boss versus employee notes

I have a dog his name is dick

a brief message from your president

All daddy wanted was a bjob

woman wins the right to use frozen sperm funny

The pot of gold under the rainbow

the jamming bob marley printer

the star is dead just like your dream

I googled who gives a s

raccoon bites you and gives you rabies funny

funny pooh gets stuck book

return to your home planet assholian

the last time I gave a crap was in my diaper

dr seuss my foot in your bum

secret to why men snore

armpit bush cutting

death by frozen urine

funny magazine title OMFG

merde funny

study on what women want during their menstrual cycle

pick up a turd by the clean end

bob squarepants funny

web MD yourecards

we all have that smart-a friend oh wait it is me

different sorts of diaper loads funny

I always mean what I say but should not say it out loud

I don t like god s fan club

definition of sapiosexual

to do list for baby

making eye contact when eating a banana

I don t always act like a b but when I do

she doesn't like the headless bird gift

watching people fight on facebook

going to the toilet after your shower

great moms turn them on

gathering the neighbors kids for shopping

laughing so loud you clap like a retarded seal

how i met your mother hooker style

cut trees to make paper and write save the trees

common sense is like deodorant the people who need it most never use it

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