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The funny Graph collection – Make a graph out of anything

The funny Graph collection – Graphs we originally created in order to easily summarize the results of a study, and the latter can appear under the form of diagram with proportional areas, lines or even bars just to name a few, the purpose of them being of course to point out the relationship of quantities/numbers. These days though, while surfing on the net, you will get to encounter graphs dedicated to more or less anything you can think about….and those dedicated to our everyday lives or which tend to point out our flaws always being a real treat, we’ve decided to offer you here a collection of some of these jewels!
Wishing you an awesome PMSLweb moment!

attractiveness graph
Adobe time chart
funny google trends graph
Kristen Stewart graph
microwaved burritos stats
drivers breaking down on the road graph
reasons why i wish to be a disney princess graph
typical game of ping pong graph
percentage of chart that looks like pacman
what you do when you cannot hear someone graph
what you regret graph
percentage of time spent eating an orange graph
things you do with a new phone graph
retail - the customer is always
while waiting for your toast to be ready
artist or ninja turtle graph
time schedule reality
going to the pet store graph
Maslow's hierarchy of internet needs graph
I would rather graph
dragon ball episode graph
reasons I wash my hands in the bathroom graph
Potential partner graph
when playing the sims graph
use of time when a 15 page essay is due in 12 hours
benefits linked to being  a father graph
the girl paradox graph
when to do homework graph
people who hate michael jackson according to date
content of a pop song graph
the probability of you being right graph
parts of YMCA people know graph
replies of tech support forums graph
character customization in rpg graph
times when I'm tired graph
the meaning of no offense graph
probability that you have done something wrong graph
things i learned from watching CSI graph
the content of beatles songs graph
what x-mas movies teach you graph
when you watch porn movies graph
moment I clean the dishes graph
OMG analyze graph
who are you favorite disney singers graph
use of knifes in the kitchen graph
what fingers do you use in traffic graph
the reasons why you check voicemail graph
when do you cry during a movie graph
how to solve a computer issue graph

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