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Thursday fun – A collection of lolz to set the mood

Thursday fun – By now many of you should be familiar with the term “Thirsty Thursday’. Indeed given that these days many students turn out to have only fewer classes on Friday – not to say any at all – very often Thursday is now know on campus as being the new Friday. That said, we deeply believe that a majority of us also tend to also see the 4th business day of the week the exact same way. Once we’ve hit Thor’s day, the roughest part of the week is behind us and every given occasion to spike the mood is more than welcome so…

Wishing you turbulent PMSLweb moment!

WTF Teletubbies gif – Thursday fun at

Goofus is an a**hole at

Dare to wear body hair at

My butcher is the best at

Surprise me McDonalds at

I’ll stop being a sarcastic bastard quote at

Jedi entrance only – Thursday fun at

Sarcastic evolution at

Loser keeps Bieber at

Company pattern humor at

Run you stick bastards – Thursday fun at

Park anywhere button at

Mc Donalds dress at

Dog shoes at

Monorail cat should be here soon at

There are plenty of people on the land – Thursday fun at

We are related to humans monkey meme at

Meanwhile in Ireland at

Funny potato cartoon at

Haters funny definition at

Funny mom post on Facebook – Thursday fun at

Breakfast cereal meme at

I tried to drown my sorrows quote at

Panorama photo fail at

Funny picture of Mahboob – Thursday fun at

Window cleaner funny picture at

When little kids stare at me at

Funny bird pooping on car at

Man extinguishes Olympic flame at

What doesn’t kill you grumpy cat at

Bird I just shaved touch my leg – Thursday fun at

Zelda and Frankenstein funny at

Dog peeing like a boss at

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