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TGIF LMAO – Friday giggles on the loose

TGIF LMAO – Gelos and his acolytes among whom feature the cheerful Aphrodite , Dionysus the god of music, wine and intoxication, Euphrosyne the goddess of joy or even Koros the goddess of extravagant joy and exuberance request your presence at the TGIF party that they’ve decided to kick-up on Mount Olympus today. For the occasion, some of the most exquisite and savory dishes as well as nectars will be catered– woohoo hangover on Ambrosia coming up, so don’t let them down!

Wishing you a merry and fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny spider prank gif – TGIF LMAO at

The incredible fail at

Goat accused of robbery at

Opthomas prime at

Eye of Sauron cat humor at

Jehovah’s witnesses don’t take no as an answer at

Smartphone seems legit meme – TGIF LMAO at

Downloading corn on the internet at

North Korea prepares to fire missile humor at

That’s right peel that banana meme at

Miley Cyrus lego – TGIF LMAO at

Who said men can’t multitask at

Inject it funny at

Cheated woman takes dump on the floor at

Opened a coloring book with missing page at

Funny prince charming cartoon – TGIF LMAO at

Forever alone prank at

Instagram cop picture humor at

Justin Bieber assassination fund at

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes at

iPhone plug humor at

Fanny Fidler grave stone  - TGIF LMAO at

The most honest compliment of a man at

Thor de france at

Funny self defense for men at

My little pony and the veterinarian at

That’s what she said – TGIF LMAO at

Angelina Jolie Halloween costume at

Uses car as boobs at

McDonald’s will grow manboobs on you at

iPhone 5s and jealous girlfriend at

Minecraft in real life meme at

When you see it at

Guitar prank on drunk friend at

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