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Tuesday Craze – add a wicked twist to your day

Tuesday Craze – If ever you’re feeling slightly devilish today, what follows may turn out to be completely up your lane. Vocal inflections which strike-out as outbreaks of sarcasm and irony being the minds natural defense against dim-witted individuals, soft pedaling them would be pointless, and in the long run could turn out to be dangerous, for yourself as well as for your surroundings… including the incriminated knuckleheaded, obviously. So let’s share a little moment shall we?

Dedicating today’s post to Jeff, Russ & Marcus.

Wishing you an iniquitous PMSLweb moment!

do me a favor card
tooth fairy receipt
you deserve an alcoholiday
snow white do I look like I give a f*ck
your haters are imaginary ecard
jealousy is a disease quote
Australians mate meme
my wife changed her status to widowed
wants attention facebook status ecard
Ice bank mice elf
cat meme interesting
your mom’s toilet paper is on its way
help end violence orange juice funny
spock hey girl meme
looks like it’s time to burn my house down
vegan brownies are compost meme
painting funny meme
blow me balloons
beards make you hotter
they told me I could be anything meme
begging baby funny
the camera is racist
a lovely shade of b*tch you’re wearing today
keyhole funny
Detroit prank for mum
common sense fail
soy milk funny meme
dress up party fail
amount of stupid people I deal with at work ecard
you bored me to death
I don’t give a f*ck quote
that awkward moment ecard
my grandma made a photo album
the mysterious toothbrush in the bathroom
my workout buddy ecard
smile grandma meme
his leg touched my leg ronaldo meme
how I brush my teeth before the dentist
robin Williams wearing the dress better
Disney you’re going dancing funny
time to die funny
unicorn farts
superman finally learned to wear underwear inside
banana slicer reviews funny
killer biscuits wanted for attempted murder
miley cyrus toilet paper meme

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