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Humorous pictures – Beam my funny bone up Scotty

Humorous pictures – In less than 24h it will be required of us to ride a conclave of fierce camels up to their rallying point. This is a milestone that we are familiar with but which does need a tad training beforehand nonetheless. In order to make sure that you are ready to go, here’s a mischievous collection of funny pics to sharpen your skills.

Wishing you an impertinent PMSLweb moment!

It is time come with us – Humorous pictures at

Honesty humor at

Putin hunger games at

Cats are evil at

When a woman says when you get a chance at

Naughty illusion – Humorous pictures at

Tampax Christmas edition at

Been using teapots wrong at

Facebook relationship fail at

Said no man ever – Humorous pictures at

Kim Kardashian and chocolate cake at

Picking up bands at the airport at

TNT sure we can funny at

Phone call from satan humor – Humorous pictures at

What I wanted for dinner funny quote at

When washing socks funny at

Teacher facebook fail at

Go ahead you can do it sign at

Billy Joe Armstrong tweeter comment – Humorous pictures at

Can you spot the millionaire at

Cockroach crack tattoo at

Daddy hopes he has enough rope in the trunk at

F*ck face definition – Humorous pictures at

Tarantino’s little mermaid at

Ringtone goes off at a funeral at

When you see it at

The song you are currently listening to – Humorous pictures at

Even in the woods there’s a line for the ladies room at

I’ve got mood poisoning at

Facebook single fail at

BJ buffet sign fail – Humorous pictures at

To avoid injury funny sign at

When arguing with my girlfriend at

Piece of poo in the picture at

The sad life of a penis at

I broke up with my girlfriend because of KFC – Humorous pictures at

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