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Tuesday Funnies – Let’s start getting wicked!

Tuesday Funnies – With the Halloween spirit almost hitting its peak now, the time has come to get the wickedness pumping in order to make sure that we’re meeting the requirements linked to this specific holiday.
Naughty but not nasty, slightly crude but not rude, crazy but not downer, cheeky but not douche… just to give a general direction to the whole thing.

Hoping that our new Tuesday collection of treats will help set the mood and wishing you an impish PMSLweb moment!

Microsoft word funny
straight jacket for kids
beware of f*cktards they’re everywhere
Dora and IE the explorers
food is all about sharing funny
I’ve got five fingers the middle one is for you
let me play the song of my people colon
this next song funny cartoon
Jason loves crocs funny
people are like my litter box grumpy cat
offended you are yoda
how to get up and get dressed funny
I thought of you today ecard
patience counter
mona lisa at the Louvre bus stop
Jesus follow me no not on twitter
Nasa uses duct tape to make sure it works
beaver vending machine meme
nokia zombie headsmasher
board game logic funny
beer glass emotions funny
wait come back ecard
I thought they said rum
alarm clock quote
the night everyone hung out without you
dog lights BBQ
little miss sunshine funny
funny temple post
funny cooking directions
someone out there cares sarcastic
having a bad day funny
truth about dating
I see people who like their own status
beard splash
blue screen of death demotivational
row row row your boat ecard
smartest person in the room meme
justin bieber buzz lightyear fail
how we see usain bolt funny
badass grandma
one in every four men is gay funny
no one cares pills
oh yeah I got laid funny
I use to care funny
imagine these hunger games funny

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